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How Politicians ‘Eat’ While On Job

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Mitt RomneyGOP Presidential  nominee, Mitt Romney, may have bolstered his status as the front-runner in the race to White House but a look at this picture of his, eating a fried pork chop at Iowa State Fair, tells you that he is devising strategy for the future. How politicians eat while on job, in this case a visit to the Iowa State Fair, tells a lot about how they are going to behave in face of a challenge. However, more often than not, these political figures end up appearing silly doing what they have to do while on a campaign trail. Don’t believe us? Sample the photographs:





1) Rick Perry Rick Perry 1



This presidential nominee seems to be thinking hard on how to handle the delicate corn dog while engaging in a talk with the vendor. It seems like the candidate is not so good at multi-tasking.



Michele 12) Michelle Bachmann


Indecision also seems to marred candidate Bachmann’s attempts at gorging on a corn dog. She took a bit and then decided to put some mustard on it. Well, as politics should have taught her, some mistakes are irreversible, like this one.



3) Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich


Another nominee who thinks he can handle food and look good, both at the same time. Well, his tryst with the candied apple proved otherwise. Now at least he knows why he was dropped to fourth place in the race to White House.



Rick Perry 24) Why Two Eggs, Mr Perry?


Perry wants to show he has a way with edible things and goes on to prove it by holding not one but two deviled eggs on a stick. Why two, Perry, why?



5) Michele Bachmann Again Michele 2


Bachman seems to have lost her way between pies, a lot of pies actually. This scene is from Adel town last April, where she had gone for a dinner party.



Barack Obama6) Barack Obama


With the General Election just round the corner, this list is being rounded off with the man himself, who is currently in the driving seat, Mr. President. Here he is trying to eat a sandwich, bigger than his head in size. And, he is looking intimated too!



One thing you will agree to now is that looking at these pictures of how politicians ‘eat’ while on job, it is not difficult to conclude that these politicians could learn a trick or two about ‘having your cake’ and looking good while doing that.


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How Politicians ‘Eat’ While On Job