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5 Weirdest Cuban Snacks

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Outlandish Snacks From CubaThere are quite a few unusual or weird delicacies in Cuban cuisine alongside  the pastelitos, croquetas, bocaditos, and empanadas. The Cuban snacks reflect the impact left by the Spanish, French, Arabian, African, Chinese, and Portuguese on its cuisine. Begin your journey into the world of strange snacks from Cuba with this write-up…


Top 5 Outlandish Snacks From Cuba


El Presidente1. Medianoche

The word medianoche means midnight. This snack is a sandwich made using Cuban bread and egg loaves. The Cuban delicacy was given such an odd name due to its popularity as the midnight snacks available in the Havana nightclubs.


2. El Presidente

El Presidente, in Spanish, means the President. However, here the context is different. It is a Cuban cocktail made with dry vermouth. It actually came into existence when prohibition prevailed in Cuba. A bright orange hued wonderful drink with a truly strange name!


3. Tres Leches Cake

When translated, the first two words of this delicacy mean “three milk”. This delightful buttery, spongy cake is soaked in condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. Despite owning a creepy-sound name, this is a very delightful goodie.


Boliche4. Boliche

This dish is prepared by simmering chorizo sausages in a tomato sauce and then, stuffing the same in a eye round roast! It sounds bizarre to me!


5. Buñuelo

A traditional Cuban delicacy in the shape of 8 and slathered with anise caramel! Though they look weird, they have a wonderful flavor.


Cuban snacks might sound or look weird; but most of them have palate-pleasing flavors. So, if you are in Cuba and feeling hungry, you ought to try some of them.


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5 Weirdest Cuban Snacks