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Weirdest Swedish Snacks

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Sweden, like other European nations, has its own array of weird as well as tasty snacks. From the foul smelling herring to fermented sausages, you will be able to notice that the list of strange Swedish snacks is quite vast. Here is a glimpse of the weird part of Swedish cuisine…






Top Strangest Swedish Snacks


  • Flygande JacobSurströmming

This is perhaps the weirdest food in the world. Imagine a foul smelling fermented herring! That is what this is. It is served on the classic Swedish tunnbröd along with onion, tomatoes, and potatoes.


  • Flygande Jacob

Despite having a weird name, this Swedish dish, invented during the 1960s, is very tasty. To put it simply, it is a casserole made using chicken, bacon, bananas, and peanuts.





  • Isterband

A classic Swedish sausage, it is prepared using barley, potatoes, and coarsely ground pork. Prepared by fermenting and then smoking, this dish is relished by the Swedish along with pickled root beets and dill flavored potatoes.


  • Blodkorv

This is a pudding made using the blood of pig. Along with the blood, this traditional Swedish food item has pork, flour, spices, and raisins in it.


The Swedish snacks mentioned above are reflections of the culture of this European nation. So, try them!

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Weirdest Swedish Snacks