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5 Weirdest Danish Snacks

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I have always felt that the open-faced sandwiches are classic representatives of  rich Danish snacks. A Danish menu along with hosting some classic dishes has its own array of creepy ones – creepy in terms of names as well as ingredients. Catch a brief preview of some such weird Danish delights here…


Top 5 Creepiest Danish Snacks

Creepiest Danish Snacks




1. Oellebroed

A thick soup akin to porridge, its core ingredient is a stale Danish-style rye bread. Water-soaked bread slices are simmered in beer and sugar and served fresh with whipped cream.


2. Leverpostej

Imagine bread with a liver paste spread! That is what exactly this dish is. The spread is made using roughly chopped liver pieces. The Danish go gaga over this sandwich topped with sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and at times with pickled cucumber slices and lettuces.


3. Fried Eel

Fried eels with caramelized potatoes make a Danish summer specialty dish. This is one of the traditional and most sought after delicacies in Denmark.



4. Koldskål

A cold drink to quench the summer thirst, it is adored by the Danes. Prepared using buttermilk, it is a sweet drink with the flavors of lime and vanilla. The name is weirdly spelt, but the drink is superb.


5. Brawn

This is known also as headcheese, but to be very true, this is no cheese. This looks like a pate stuffed with a gelatin-liked broth. And, this dish is made using pig’s head. The Danes consider serving this uncanny snack as a treat!


Whether you go with my views or not is your choice. But, let me tell you that you might need a stronger heart to explore these weird Danish delights.


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5 Weirdest Danish Snacks