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5 Weirdest Arabic Snacks

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Strange Arabic Snacks - Camel MeatFood is judged as weird by its smell, visual appeal, taste, or even the name. Each  cuisine has its own share of strange food items; the case remains the same with Arabic snacks too. Read through the blog to know more about the dishes that  can be labelled as weird snacks from Arabia…



Top 5 Strange Arabic Snacks




1. Camel Meat

People of Saudi Arabia are known to relish on camel meat. While people claim that camel meat tastes like coarse beef, if taken from older camels it can prove to be very tough and less flavorful. There are places where you even get camel burgers.


2. McArabia

This does taste fabulous, but it is in my list because of the way it is served. Spiced beef or chicken is served wrapped in pita-like bread. This Mc Donald’s delight is available in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco.



3. Nkhaat Pane

This stands for the deep-fried brain of a lamb. A thin, crispy eatable, it gets a slimy, glandular touch due to the presence of its core ingredient.


4. Grasshoppers

In the Middle East, grasshoppers are boiled in hot water and salted. They are then dried and relished as snacks.


5. Qahwa

It is the Arabic Coffee. This black decaffeinated coffee comes with the flavors of cardamom and saffron and makes an amazing comfort food during winters.


An Arabic menu is quite multifaceted and flavorful. If you feel that a particular dish sounds strange, watch out for the ingredients!


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5 Weirdest Arabic Snacks