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5 Weirdest Bengali Snacks

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Weirdest Bengali SnacksQuite similar to other Indian food items, Bengali snacks also have a unique taste and richness of its own. While I have never come across anything weird, in terms of taste or ingredients, I definitely have found certain delicacies with oddly spelt names. And, this list of weird snacks talks about some of those…


Top 5 Weirdest Bengali Snacks


1. Cham Cham

Bafa Dhoi

When I first heard about this Bengali snack, I felt as if it will be a hollow snack with a light filling that makes this sound. But, I was astonished when I saw it. A delightful dessert made using cottage cheese it is soft and just melts in your mouth.


2. Bafa Dhoi

Made using milk, condensed milk, and curd, this sweet is really tasty. Despite having a strangely sounding name, this is one of the most popular and traditional Bengali desserts.


3. Kabiraji Cutlet

You might be wondering how a cutlet gained entry into this weird snacks list. Let me tell you - the odd first name of this delicacy. The eatable gets its name from the thin covering of egg it has. Pick them fresh from a street vendor and relish them hot with hot tea.


Pantua4. Pantua

Also called as langcha, this is a delicious, deep-fried delight with a strange name! Made using a mixture of semolina flour, cottage cheese, milk, and clarified butter, these elongated deep-fried goodies are soaked well in sugar syrup. 


5. Beguni

Beguni is a mouth-watering snack and ideal to be eaten on a rainy day. This dish, despite owing an odd sounding name, is quite similar to the aubergine fritters from European cuisine. Thin slices of eggplant are dipped in a spicy gram flour batter and deep-fried to golden brown.


Most of the abovementioned Bengali snacks are popular Kolkata street foods also. So, try to explore the streets to know more on the delights.


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5 Weirdest Bengali Snacks