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5 Weirdest Welsh Snacks

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Strange Welsh SnacksWales, the smallest among the British Isles nation, has a vast collection of fine foods and drinks. Along with their famous meats, seafood, and collection of wines, there are some odd sounding and odd tasting Welsh snacks as well. Have a rendezvous with few of such dishes from Wales with this write-up…



Top 5 Strange Welsh Snacks





1. Laverbread

Also known under the name of Welsh Caviar, this is neither bread nor a dish made using fish eggs. It is just seaweed. A washed and dried weed is transformed into a pulpy mass by boiling for 10 hours. Served as little pieces, it is available as oatmeal-rolled bacon-fried delicacy.


2. Pantysgawn

This sounds purely disgusting. This Welsh cheese has been named after the place where it was prepared first. A creamy, soft cheese prepared from goat’s milk, it is available as logs, most commonly spiced up with fresh herbs or crushed peppercorns.


3. Ox Tongue

This Welsh dish is beyond description. It does look weird, but I have heard people saying it tastes good! Deep-fried tongues are served on a burger roll! Interesting or disgusting – it is comparative!


Caerphilly4. Cawl

This has nothing to do with worms. It is, in fact, one of the national dishes of Wales. A rich stew, it is prepared with Welsh lamb scraps, veggies, and bacon.


5. Caerphilly

This reminds me of caterpillar. Nevertheless, this Welsh cheese made using cow’s milk has a creamy texture. In spite of owning a weird name, this cheese tastes marvelous.


This is not the end of the journey, but a beginning. Explore the Welsh food festivals to know more!


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5 Weirdest Welsh Snacks