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5 Weirdest Alaskan Snacks

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Strange Alaskan Snacks

Just imagine a dish made using whale or walrus in front of you. That is what exactly you can expect in Alaska. Even though the Alaskan snacks made using seal, walrus, whales, and reindeer may sound creepy to us, they are the life protectors of Alaskans, especially when the temperature dips  below freezing point. Here are five of the dishes which I felt should be a part of this series…


Top 5 Strange Alaskan Snacks


1. Blubber

If you had stayed in Alaska, you would have understood why people indulge in eating the raw fat of sea mammals. Blubber, as they call it, if quite commonly extracted from whales. This is very essential for their survival at the below freezing point temperatures.


2. Akutaq


This is the Eskimo ice cream. Despite living under zero degrees, these people have managed to put up an odd-named frozen dessert for themselves. A very strange snack, it is made using the fat from seals or bears, wild berries, and snow.


3. Muktuk


A classic Eskimo snack! It uses the fat and skin from frozen whales in it. And, to my surprise, I found that the dish is quite cheaper and one of the most popular one in Alaska. This is a perfect gift for a food adventurer.


4. Reindeer

None of us can forget Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. But for the people of Alaska, reindeer goes beyond pulling the sleigh cart. They are edibles. Available is various forms, including sausages, these are considered to be traditional dishes.


5. Bannock


Last, but not the least, the Alaskan cuisine has a quick flatbread caked bannock. But the strange part is that this word is used to indicated anything which is round in shape and is made using grains. If you cut them into wedges, then they are known as scones.


You will not be familiar with most of the Alaskan snacks. So, if you want to try them, ask for the ingredients and then decide!


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5 Weirdest Alaskan Snacks