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5 Weirdest Swiss Snacks

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Queer Swiss SnacksThe first thought that hits me when I think about Swiss snacks are the mouthwatering  chocolates, followed by the cheese varieties. Nevertheless, a closer look at a Swiss menu will reveal some dishes with queer names. I have put together five such fancifully named dishes here…


Top 5 Queer Swiss Snacks


1. Fotzel Slices

Fotzel means torn off paper pieces. I really do not understand the reason why a snack made using stale bread was given this creepy sounding name.


2. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

Wait! It is a chocolate from Switzerland. Made using premium chocolate with a hazelnut praline filling, this confection got its name from the Swiss Army Spartan multi-tool. It is a wonderful treat for any chocolate enthusiast.


3. Bündner Nusstorte

In simple words, this is the caramel nut cake of the Swiss. They are avaibale in numerous varieties, with the most popular being the cake from Engadine.


4. Tirggel


It sounds like trigger to me, but they are delightful Christmas goodies hailing from Zurich, Prepared using flour and sweetened with honey, these thin and sweet biscuits are quite a hard bite.


5. Älplermagronen

Do not get confused by the name. It is a prudently crafted macaroni and cheese, relished by the herdsmen. Made using indigenous cheese, a little bacon, potato, and onions, these are normally served beside applesauce.


Hit a Swiss supermarket to take a look at the countless varieties of  Swiss snacks available! You may come across a weird one too!


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5 Weirdest Swiss Snacks