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5 Weirdest Jamaican Snacks

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Strangest Jamaican SnacksJamaican snacks are unique in all the senses. You will get to taste Jamaican appetizers, assorted cookies, crackers, pies, and breads, all of which have been accepted across the world. Nevertheless, there is no dearth of creepy foodstuffs here. Catch a glimpse of some of the  strangest snacks from this Caribbean nation…


Top 5 Strangest Jamaican Snacks


Bulla Sandwich

1. Dutty Gal

Do not misinterpret this dish as dirty one. This is perhaps one of the tastiest snacks you will be able to find in the country, despite the fact that it has a bizarre name. Oil-soaked mackerel is simmered along with onions and served beside boiled bananas. This makes for a filling meal.


2. Bulla Sandwich

Once again a fabulously tasting dish with a creepy name! A bulla cake is halved and then sandwiched together using indigenous cheddar cheese. This is one of the most common meals of the poor families of Jamaica!


3. Cow Foot Jell-O

This is a jello-O, but of course with an eerie twist. This is made from cleaned foot of a cow. It is often served as a chilled dessert beside ice cream. Do you want to taste some?




4. Stinking Toe

This is a fruit, but, yes, it does stink in a very eerie fashion. Moreover, it has a look akin to a human toe. This has a rough outer surface and the smell is intolerable. But, the good news is that you can make an elegant beverage or custard by using the sugary power lying within the fruit.


5. Sweetsop

This is quite a challenging eat. A fruit native to the tropical America, it has numerous black seeds encapsulated within a sweet white pulp.


These are some of the strangely spelt snacks, and  Jamaican street foods are its proof. A word of warning though! You may find food items that  look eerie but  taste good and vice versa! So, beware!


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5 Weirdest Jamaican Snacks