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5 Weirdest Continental Snacks

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Strange Continental SnacksEurope is the home to the best baguettes, fresh pasta, as well as countless sweet treats. Continental snacks play a key role in alluring tourists to the European nations. However, if you take a closer look, you will be able to find out that the cuisine is also the domicile of some of the weirdest eatables. This blog will allow you to  experience some of them visually so read on…


Top 5 Strange Continental Snacks



1. Smalahove

This is a traditional Norwegian Christmas dish made using lamb’s head, of course without its head. The head is boiled after salted and dried. They come with ears and eyes as well. It looks definitely bizarre, but tastes good.  


2. Lappkok

A Finnish dish, it is a concoction with a weird name. Made using a reindeer dumpling and rye flour, this dish comes alongside reindeer bone marrow. Despite being a bizarre dish, it is one among the popular dishes among the natives of this European nation.  


3. Lutefisk

Scandinavians adored dried whitefish. And, this particular dish treated using lye is traditional dish. Served beside potatoes or root veggies, these are available in white sauce or gravy.


Stracotto d'asino

4. Nozki

A Polish delicacy, the name when translated into English indicates ‘cold feet’. Made using pig trotters, the dish tastes as repulsive as it sounds. Despite being simmered with spices and herbs, try this jelly-like dish only if you have the guts to experiment.


5. Stracotto d'asino

How would you feel if you are served a dish made of donkey? I am not exaggerating. This dish is a stew, hailing from Italy, made using donkey. A popular pasta sauce, it is most commonly found in Mantua and Veneto.


Strange or weird is a word used  comparatively. While many of you may shake your heads in agreement with the above-mentioned list of weird continental snacks, few of you may not. So, try them yourself and share your thoughts!


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5 Weirdest Continental Snacks