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Anti Fast Food: The Perfect Way To Health & Happiness

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No to Fast FoodEnjoying each morsel of your food as you taste it fully and chew properly  is actually a healthier option as opposed to rushing on your way while munching down a burger. The fast food culture that is threatening to engulf the entire world now makes us ignore our regional specialties and gorge on saturated fat laden, commercially mass produced products instead.


People around the world are sitting up and taking notice now! The slow Food movement promises to give us back the simple, basic food that we can enjoy in a leisurely manner. While slow food cannot be labeled as panacea, adopting it will help you to regain your health and de-stress your mind to a great extent. However, you do need to follow a few simple rules to maximize the benefits of anti-fast food. Take a look:-


  • Relaxation

Enjoy the company of your friends at the dining table. Good conversation and spontaneous laughter will help your digestive juices to flow thus enabling you to remain healthy all your life.


  • Natural Food

Include lots of fruits, vegetables, and natural produces  in your meal. Stay away from the expensive packaged and processed products which will only help in expanding your waistline.


Slow Food

  • Enjoyment

Savor your food by tasting it bit by bit. Take in the aroma along with its taste and learn to chew slowly thus deriving maximum pleasure out of the simple exercise of eating.


  • Drink

Water aids in digestion too. Be sure to include plenty of it as you eat wholesome, natural foods containing fibers. Juices of citrus fruits or green tea can also help your body to obtain nourishment in the form of vitamins and antioxidants. However, do take care to drink tea by itself instead of gulping it to wash down your half-chewed food.


  • Eating Out

Select a good, local restaurant while planning to eat out. Fast food joints and chain restaurants that serve exotic and outlandish cuisine may not always turn out to be healthy. Opt for locally produced, nutritious dishes that are cooked and served after you place your order.


Live life to the fullest by saying ‘No’ to fast food and embrace the slow food with a vengeance. You will soon find yourself eating your anger, sorrow and pain along with the food and will learn to enjoy nature’s bounty yet again.


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Anti Fast Food: The Perfect Way To Health & Happiness