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5 Weirdest Irish Snacks

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Bizarre Irish SnacksIrish cuisine is the abode to some of the tastiest seafood delicacies as the country of Ireland lies amidst the sea with countless lakes and streams following through it. Along with the other noteworthy dishes of this ever-evolving cuisine, there are certain indigenous food items that have invoked my curiosity. These foods have a strangeness to them. Here are some of those so-called weird Irish snacks…


Top 5 Bizarre Irish Snacks


1. Drisheen


Known as the black pudding to blood pudding, this sausage is a mixture made using pork blood, oatmeal or grains, as well as spices and fat. While they look quite uncanny, they are adored by the Irish. Check out for the uncooked, boiled, grilled, and fried variants.


2. Boxty


The word literally translates into poor house bread. However, this is the classic Irish pancake. With a base of potatoes, these dishes do taste fabulous, despite owning a unusual name.


3. Tripe


This is an edible offal, to be more precise the lining of animal’s stomach. Is it really twaddling? These are partially cooked after bleaching. However, if you wish to eat them, then make sure that you cook it for at least two more hours.


4. Colcannon


This is a part of the classic Irish dishes, but somehow the name of this dish sounds atypical. That is why it is in the list. This food is made using mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale. The cream color dish with green patches – I hope you will agree with me.


5. Crubeens


Once again, this hails from the classic Irish kitchens. Made using the braised feet of pigs and veggies, the Irish relish it in the form of sandwiches. The Irish also believe that eating this dish after your night out will help you get over the hangover. Do you want to try it?


If you want to  experiment with food, then the above mentioned Irish snacks are ideal choices. So, try them out and share your results!


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5 Weirdest Irish Snacks