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5 Weirdest Russian Snacks

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Strange Russian SnacksMany of the Russian snacks look strangely foreign, but a closer look at the ingredients may leave you amazed. I have conjured up a write-up here of some weird snacks from Russia, most of them being included due to the way they are spelt or due to their appearance. Here we go…


Top 5 Strange Russian Snacks


1. Okroshka


It is prepared with Kvas, the most popular drink of Russia. A mixture of eggs, cucumbers, milk sausage, and potatoes are covered with this drink and then embellished with a sour cream and parsley dressing. This is one of the tastiest food items, unique to this cuisine.


2. Kvas


This is not just used as an ingredient, but it can be relished on its own. Try buying a glass of this amazingly tasting drink sold off on the Russian street in tanks. Made from fermented bread, this comes with the flavors of raisins, berries, or even other fruits.


3. Borshch


The traditional Russian beet soup – that is what exactly this is. This has been included in this list because of the use of beets in preparing the soup, which can sound a little bizarre to outsiders. Rich with meat and veggies, this soup forms a hearty meal along with sour cream.


4. Pelmeni


The dish looks similar to your ears, and hence the odd name. However, it has a flavor quite similar to ravioli. The tiny pockets like pelmini are stuffed with meat flavored with assorted seasoning. This is served quite often with sour cream and melted butter.


5. Kishke


A sack like dish made using chicken skin, it comes with a stuffing of flour seasoned with spices and enriched with butter, simmered in chicken broth. These are allowed to dry completely before being served with chicken soup or relished as a snack with sour cream.


As with every country, the Russian snacks are also diverse, with  people having their own share of taste. So, whether you eat the traditional Russian foods or something quite distinct, it is your decision to call it strange or not.


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5 Weirdest Russian Snacks