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5 Weirdest African Snacks

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Wacky African SnacksFrom stir-fried eerie, crawling creatures to omelets made with ostrich eggs, there are countless odd African snacks. These snacks are proof that what you relish  can be considered as bizarre by your neighbor. Here is a short purview of some of the really weird snacks that you can find in Africa…





Top 5 Wacky African Snacks


1. Mopane


Considered as rich sources of protein by the natives, these are colorful looking, yet quite weird. Sun-dried delights are served beside curry sauce like potato chips. Wait! These are not chips, but the enormous caterpillars!


2. Ostrich Egg Omelets

Ostrich Egg Omelets

Quite a heavy start for your day, these are one of the most sought after and heartily relished snack by the rural Africans. Try one if you wish to have a 3-pound breakfast!


3. Termites


Yes, termites are consumed because they offer you proteins or at least that is what they tell you. While many eat them raw after biting off their heads, you will also be able to locate stir-fried versions as well.


4. Biltong


This African national food is often consumed by rugby players. This is a form of cured meat, which is popularly eaten in South Africa. And, you get meats of various kinds – beef to ostrich fillets to elephants. These are dried well and then served.  


5. Boerewors


To be precise, this is the rural Africa sausage. This is prepared as a mixture of barbecued cow and sheep intestines. Served besides herbs such as aloe and cactus, this is indeed an eerie snack.


The African snacks mentioned above offer an adventurous gourmandize the opportunity to try some of the strangest snacks of the world. Therefore,   you ought to try them if you are one,!


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5 Weirdest African Snacks