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5 Weirdest Taiwanese Snacks

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 Bizarre Taiwanese SnacksTaiwanese snacks are the true embodiment of the culture of this island nation. You will always get an opportunity to choose from a wide selection of snack foods prepared using indigenous ingredients. Nevertheless, the island offers some uncanny foods also. Catch a glimpse of some curiously creepy snacks from Taiwan in this blog…




Top 5 Bizarre Taiwanese Snacks


1. Pig’s Blood Cake

This is one of the most sought after snacks by the natives. Made using pig’s blood with sticky rice as the binding medium, this peanut powder, and cilantro flavored snack is quite upbeat also.


2. Stinky Tofu

Stinky Tofu

A popular Taiwanese street food, the snack name itself indicates that it stinks. The snack, made by fermenting tofu over months, resembles the ripe Gorgonzala. You will be shocked to see that the final version has a texture similar to that of goose liver.  


3. Eel Noodle Soup

Eel Noodle Soup

Despite being an eerie Taiwanese snack, the eel noodle soup is rich with flavor. A specialty of the night markets of Taiwan, it is quite often seen being relished for dinner.


4. Squid


An extremely tasty, yet creepy snack of Taiwan! You get them in various flavors! Marinated, grilled enormous ones are served on sticks. You will get deep-fried versions as well.


5. 1000 Year Old Eggs

1000 Year Old Eggs

Known by the name of century egg, it is a quintessential part of traditional Chinese cuisine. The eggs of hen, duck, or quails are preserved over weeks to months in a mixture of lime, rice straw, ash, and salt.


Since Taiwan is located amidst ocean, you will be able to see countless seafood delicacies. While there will be quite some tasty snacks, there are quite a few weird Taiwanese snacks as well. So, be a little careful while you pick a snack.


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5 Weirdest Taiwanese Snacks