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5 Weirdest Filipino Snacks

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Eerie Filipino SnacksWeird  snacks are a quintessential part of the food culture of Philippines. Despite being bizarre in nature, you can see that they are served with almost all the meals. Here are some of the creepy snacks that the Filipinos like to eat…










Top 5 Weird Filipino Snacks


1. Balut


A common Filipino street food, balut is the boiled fertilized duck egg. It has the reputation of being an excellent protein source and a natural aphrodisiac.


2. Kwek


Also known as Tokneneng, the bite-sized orange colored balls found profusely on the streets of Philippines do awaken your curiosity. To be precise, these are deep-fried eggs of quails or hens with a coating of orange-hued flour. These do look bizarre but taste fabulous with sweet sauce.


3. Helmet


Wait! These helmets are not the ones that you use while driving a two-wheeler, but they are the barbecued or deep-fried versions of chicken head. Can’t believe it? Try yourself!


4. Chicharon


If you really wish to try something eerie, then this is for you. These crunchy snacks are adored by the Filipinos. These are deep-fried Filipino delights made using the skin of pigs.


5. Isaw


Isaw is one of the most popular among the street foods of Philippines. For those who do not know, isaw are the grilled intestines of a chicken or pig. They do sound weird. However, these chewy street fares do taste like chicken.


So, the next time  you hit Philippines, do try out these weird Filipino snacks. You may like them!


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5 Weirdest Filipino Snacks