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Touts Selling Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Puddings On eBay

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Heston PuddingThis Christmas, eBay has got a different kind of product to sell, the Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas puddings – which are put up by touts and not genuine sellers. The orange-filled puddings, which are already a hit on the Internet, are being sold for as much as 15 times more than its retail price. A £13.99 Christmas pudding is being sold for upto £250.


1) Stripping Market Shelves


The touts selling Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Puddings on eBay have confirmed one thing, the pudding is profitable. The opportunists are picking up these puddings available at Waitrose as well as online on Ocado since September this year. However, that does not mean that this profitable pudding is raking in profits only for the touts and not the genuine shopkeepers or the chef himself.


2) Profitable pudding


The pudding contains a candied orange in its centre and, probably, that is what has hooked the public imagination and palate. Keeping in mind the rising popularity of this deliciously festive pudding, it is flying off the shelves straight on to eBay. So much so that even the chef Blumenthal himself is now charging £99.99 for his puddings while selling them online.


3) Its Serious Business


For now, the stores already selling these puddings are not selling bulk orders to anyone, keeping in view the tactics being employed by the touts, who are even paying for tip-offs about where these puddings are up for sale. The stores are also struggling to re-stock their shelves with fresh orders. One such spokesman said, “We’ve done everything we can to make them available but they fly off the shelf as they’re a very popular product.”


Till that happens, the public will have to wait for a chance to celebrate this festive season with the Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas pudding.


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Touts Selling Heston Blumenthal’s Christmas Puddings On EBay