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10 Weirdest Thai Snacks



Scenic locales and romantic beaches are not the only things unique about Thailand. This popular tourist destination is quite known for its lip smacking tropical exotic delicacies. However, apart from the World famous Thai dishes like curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yam, etc. this nation has a fair share of whacky and queer dishes to offer as well. Here is a list of the 10 weirdest Thai snacks that you may come across during your visit to this picturesque country...






1. Ants

Yellow ants or ant eggs served in lime and chilies. It is eaten as an appetizer. How can someone eat ants, does it even fill their stomach.


2. Bugs 

BugsVery famous snack of Thailand, usually sold on the streets of Koh San road by street vendors. Bugs like maggots, grasshoppers, cockroaches and several other types of bugs are fried and sold as a snack.


3. Water Bugs

 Water BugsSurprisingly a very highly priced dish, these are hard shelled cockroaches usually cooked. One interesting fact is the reason it is expensive because it has a good aroma.


4. Fried Spiders

 Fried Spiders

Hairy spiders caught and fried in a wok. The Thai cuisine surely consists of weird dishes.


5. Rat

RatIt is hard to believe, but yes rats are very popular, usually cooked in open fire. Served in a bowl full of spices and chilies. It’s said that the rat tastes as good as the rabbit, i wish it even looked as good as the rabbit.


6. Cab Moo

Cab Moo

If you are wondering what this weird dish is, don’t worry I will tell you. This means Pork Skin, how can someone eat skin on the first place.


7. Soot um boo balad

Soot um boo balad

Also known as papaya salad with fermented crab. A very delicious dish.


8. Stir fried frog with basil

Stir fried frog with basil

 Pieces of frog legs are fried with chilies, garlic, and basil. A lip smacking dish.


9. Fish paste

Fish Paste

Prepared by taking a barrel of fish and salt and setting it aside in the sun, then you press a board down on the top and gather all the liquid dribbles out a hole in the bottom


10. Snake blood

Snake Blood

By far the weirdest dish I have come across. It is served by harvesting a King Cobra, sold as a cocktail or a mixed drink. It is said to be highly priced at around 6015 Thai Baht. One interesting fact this particular drink is consumed for medicinal and sexual powers. Can’t get any creepier and weirder than this.


So, this is my list of weird Thai snacks. If you are aware of any Thai snacks that are weirder than these, please do share them with me.

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10 Weirdest Thai Snacks