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10 Weirdest Korean Snacks

Budae JigaeWhenever there is a debate as to which Country prepares the most weirdest food items, China and Korea seem to be popular conte. Yes the Koreans are as strong willed as the Chinese when it comes to experimenting with their food. The Koreans are known to be meat-loving people, and they definitely have a strong stomach to eat such snacks. Let me share some of the weird snacks they love to feast on.



1.Budae Jigae- 

A thick Korean soup, prepared by cooking hot dogs and pre-cooked noodles together along with cheese. It is made in a spicy Korean style.




2.   Pine Tree Flavored Toothpaste- Pine Tree Flavored ToothpasteI know this is not a snack, but it’s worth mentioning in this list. Say bye-bye to Colgate and hello to Pine Tree Flavored Toothpaste. Imagine waking up in the morning to brush your teeth with this paste.




3.Dark-bal- Dark-balAlso known as Chicken feet. This is no surprise, a very popular snack eaten in most of the countries in Asia. The feet of the chicken are cooked or fried and served with sauce.



4. Ggup-dae-gi- Ggup-dae-giAlso known as Pig Skin, it is known to be a good delicacy. Eating pig meat is one thing but eating the skin, is totally weird if you ask me. Let me remind you that the skin is very strong, cooking it can be a bit hard, but that’s the beauty of the dish.




5.Soon-dae- Soon-daeThough, the local may translate this dish as a type of sundae, it is no ice cream. This Sundae is prepared by boiling or steaming cow and pig intestines. They are served along with noodles




6.Dried Cuttlefish- Dried CuttlefishWhenever we go to watch a movie, we buy some popcorns. But in the Korean’s cinema halls Dried Cuttlefish is sold instead of popcorns. Imagine eating dried squid while watching a movie.



7.  Gamjatang- GamjatangIts a tyoe of pork bone soup made with pork spine, vegetables, green onions, hot peppers and ground wild sesame seeds. One interesting fact, this soup is common in Korean restaurants in United States and Canada.


8.Deer Antlers- deer antlersIn case you are reading this more than once, just to assure yourself. I am really talking about Deer Antlers! They are served along with Gamajatang, it is said that if you eat the antlers you gain stamina.



9.Beondegi- BeondegiIt is a popular snack in Korea. The main ingredient is silkworm pupae, which is prepared by boiling or steaming it.




10.San Ojingeo and San Nakji- San Ojingeo and San NakjiHere comes the big one, this is also called Live Squid and Octopus. The weirdest part about this dish is that, you have to eat the squid and octopus alive. How can someone eat something when they are literally alive. The squids tend to cling on to anything while an individual is trying to eat it, usually prepared in vinegar, sesame oil, and cucumbers.



So, this is my list of weird Korean snacks. If you are aware of any Korean snacks that are weirder than these then please do share them with me.


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10 Weirdest Korean Snacks