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10 Weirdest French Snacks

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Frog Legs

When you think of France, you think of great culture, beautiful locations, wholesome nightlife, and soul warming delectable food. French cuisine is rarely considered bizzare or weird, however, like all food cultures around the world, the French have their side of queer foods too. Surprised! Well, don't be for here I present to you the 10 weirdest French snacks that you might want to try (or may be stay away from) during your next visit to the country of romance and love...



  1. Frog Legs-   One of the most famous and weird dishes we have heard about. I bet most of us found out about this particular dish in our childhood and our initial reaction was obviously not good. Usually the legs are roasted and served with sauce. A very delicious dish.


  2. Escargot- EscargotIt is the French word for snail. Often served as an appetizer. The snails are killed first, and then removed from their shells. They are cooked in garlic butter, chicken stock or wine.


  3. Squab- SquabAlso known as pigeon meat, is widely served in many restaurants in France. It is prepared in the salmis style method, where the game bird pigeon is roasted in various kinds of sauce. The meat is very tender and rich in taste. It is very rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.


  4. Foie gras- Foie grasKnown as Fat Liver in English. Prepared by using liver of the duck or goose. Serve with sauce.


  5. Boudin Noir- Boudin NoirAlso known as Blood sausage. The method of cooking is definitely going to spook you. It is prepared by cooking pork sausages along with pork blood, yes blood. Said to be a very delicious dish.


  6. Cervelle de veau- Cervelle de veauAlso known as Calf’s brains. A traditional delicacy in France. Usually served with tongue, or mixed with scrambled eggs.


  7. Pieds de chameau a la vinaigrette – Pieds de chameau a la vinaigrette Ok this might freak you out. The English name for this dish is Camel’s feet, hard to digest? Camel’s feet, like really! French have weird taste in food. Not originally from France, but the dish is very famous and mostly served in this country.


  8. Stuffed Goose Liver-Stuffed Goose Liver I have heard that this dish is something to die for. Prepared by removing the liver out of the goose. One interesting fact, the liver weighs almost 5 lbs, that’s a whole lot of meat to digest. Burp!


  9. Trotters- TrottersAnother word for this dish is feet. Not any ordinary feet, but this dish is prepared by using pig feet. Very famous in some parts of France.


  10. Tete de Veau- Tete de VeauLet me translate that for you, it means Calf’s head. The French have left the Chinese behind in eating weird dishes. Hands down this is the most intimidating dish. Surprisingly the locals love it the dish is prepared and served in some Parisian restaurants and bistros. One interesting fact, the former President of France Jacques René Chirac’s favorite dish was Tete de Veau.



So, this is my list of weird French snacks. If you are aware of any French snacks that are weirder than these, please do share them with me.

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10 Weirdest French Snacks