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Pillsbury Man's Journey To The White House

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Herman Cain is a gutsy person and it is proved by a small incident, described in his latest book, “This Is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House.” When Cain was a vice-president at the Pillsbury Company, he gave up the position, took a cut in his pay packet, and began working from the bottom rung of the company’s restaurant division. All this because he thought he had hit a dead end.

The critics have called this one incident an “honestly remarkable moment” in the book but there is more to it. This moment describes why Cain moved from being the CEO of a pizza chain to a US Presidential hopeful. It is all in the guts!

Cain, the former Chief Executive Officer of Godfather’s Pizza, is one of the front-runners for the Republican presidential nomination. The core of his latest book is his journey in the world of business till he became the CEO of a pizza chain. However, along with that, the book also brings to light certain aspects of Cain’s personality, which might help people to judge him in the days to come.

The first vote of the 2012 elections will take place in just 10 weeks and this week, Cain was at a dog-racing track, South of Houston, trying to work up the electorate. At the Tea Party rally, he said, “The thing about rising to the top of the polls is you get shot a lot. But the pain never felt so good.”

It is this go-getter attitude that shines through during his public meetings, which include his book tour that has taken him from Illinois to Tennessee with stops at Texas, Arizona, and Alabama. His next trip is to Iowa in November and with the early-voting state in sight, Cain is being shown as leading the Republican field. He is closely followed by former Massachesetts Governor Mitt Romney, and Texas Governor Rick Perry. The third, though, is quite behind at 6 percent.


The Pizza Connection


The fact that Cain, while being the CEO at Godfather’s Pizza, did very well, has also rubbed off on the voters. One of them, who travelled from Cleveland, Texas to see Cain speak, said, “Since he did so well at the Pizza parlor, may be he can do great at the White House.”


The Motivational Speaker


Cain, besides being a businessman, has also been a motivational speaker for the past 16 years, which is probably why he has had such an impact on the voters. Being the Chief Executive of The Herminator Experience (THE) Inc, and author of several books on leadership have given Cain an edge over his political opponents.


Is Cain An Alternative?


This being the stage of an early vote, there are no clear indications whether Cain has been able to make space for himself in the political scheme. However, one thing is for sure that those who hear him can’t stop themselves from being impressed with the man’s oratorial skills. And that is what he is also promoting in his latest book, whose launch was conveniently coincided with the presidential campaign. Incidentally, the book also debuted on the NY Times bestseller list. Nevertheless, there is still time to wait and watch whether the man rises above just being a author and businessmen and reach the White House or not. This is Herman Cain and his journey to the White House.

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Pillsbury Man's Journey To The White House