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Giant Burger Weighing 350 Pounds Unveiled

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Giant HamburgerFood fit for Godzilla? Wondered the public on seeing a burger of gigantic proportions! A 350 pounder, no less, was on display at ‘Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar’ Southgate, Michigan last Thursday when Steve Mallie, the owner surpassed his earlier effort of constructing a 319 pound burger by increasing its girth to an astounding 350 pounds.


Why Did Mallie Make It?

Well, Steve is no stranger to the art of preparing massive burgers. He was the one to come up with the record breaking 134 pounder in 2008 after being motivated by Thai cooks who made news by creating a 78 pound sandwich. Mallie was not the one to be satisfied with it though! He kept bettering himself by creating a 164 pound burger just six months later and the weight kept on increasing subsequently until it reached a whopping 319 pounds this January. But Mallie isn’t the one to remain content for long. His latest creation was displayed on Thursday causing spectators to gasp aloud as the gargantuan 350-pound burger, looming 3 ft high came into view.



The ingredients that went into the greasy 540,000 calories fast food item included:-

  • An enormous bun weighing 100 pounds that took over four hours to be baked perfectly.
  • 15 pounds of tomatoes and onions each.
  • 20 pounds of cheese.
  • Bacons and pickles were just a little less in quantity with 10 pounds of each being used.
  • The patty was made with 270 pounds of hamburger meat which had to be cooked for 8 hours at a stretch.


The result of assembling the above into a giant burger is here to see:-

Mallie mentioned that the burger priced at $2,000 would be made available on receiving a three-day notice. The taste is yet to be ascertained though but the enormity of the task as well as the size of the popular American food has upped the curiosity factor for now. The manager confirmed the availability of fries and a drink with the order.


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Giant Burger Weighing 350 Pounds Unveiled