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Americas First Ice Cream Pattiserie - "Halo Fete" - Chef Hari nayak and his Cafe in Princeton

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I have to tell you all about my new favorite cafe located in Princeton, New Jersey Halo Fete, America’s first Ice. cream patisserie

It’s only been around for two years but it already has a loyal following, the locals told me that they are fanatical about Halo ice cream and they prefer it to the popular gelato. The ice cream is all natural and has no artificial flavors or stabilizers. I had to try!!!

Before we continue, I should clarify the main essential difference between gelato and ice cream. I was told gelato tries to get as much of the air out as possible whereas ice cream leaves the air in. To be called ice cream, a frozen dessert must contain a minimum of 10% milk fat: economy brands might have 11 or 12%mf, and super premium ice cream might have up to 16%mf. Less than 10%mf makes it ice milk or light ice cream. Sherbet is a 2% milk fat product, with a lighter texture and refreshing fruit flavors. And gelato is similar to sherbet, but without any fat. Frozen yogurt has a similar texture to ice cream, but has lower fat and an active bacterial culture.

Halo fete was created by Halo Farms and Chef Hari Nayak who is a graduate of culinary institute of America. They have some unique flavors and cool looking frozen treats. If you have an opportunity to go to halo fete you has to try the espresso slice, which is made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate and espresso made with world class coffee bean. It is a great treat.

Do you have a favorite ice cream spot near you? Please post them below.  

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Americas First Ice Cream Pattiserie - "Halo Fete" - Chef Hari Nayak And His Cafe In Princeton