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Have You Tried These Crazy Deep Fried Foods?

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We all love to gorge on deep fried foods of all kinds, don't we? Despite the fact that almost everybody warns us against these fat-laden delicacies, we can't stop ourselves from biting into the fried chicken, french fries, etc. Well, taking further this craze for fried foods, chefs around the country are "giving birth" to some really crazy deep fried foods, which are bound to raise some eyebrows, but who cares, right? So here you go:


Macaroni & Cheese


Who hasn’t loved the mac & cheese at some point or the other in his life? It is probably the most popular comfort food for all Americans, not to mention people of other nationalities as well. So, what more could a deep fried Macaroni & Cheese offer to you? Well that is a question only you can answer once you have gorged on a plate of the “Deep Fried Mac & Cheese.”


Deep Fried Oreos 


Kids love Oreos, especially those dunked in a glass of cold milk. But what about adults? Nobody thinks of them. So, some daring chefs went ahead and created an adult version of the Oreos, which is made with Oreo cookies and buttermilk pancake mix fried in vegetable oil. So, when are you going to try one?


Deep Fried Pickles


Pickles are yummy, spicy and a lot more fun when had deep fried. You will agree with us once you savor these yummies, made with dill pickle, coated in a milk and flour mixture and deep fried to perfection.


Deep Fried Cheesecake


Cheesecake has long been criticized for being an unhealthy diet option, especially if you are among those who are trying to lose weight. Well, the big, bad cheesecake just became a lot worse. Here, you have slices of rich, gooey cheesecake being wrapped in pastry squares, deep fried in oil, and served garnished with sugar dust. If you add strawberry sauce too it,   it becomes even more sinful.


Deep Fried Pizza


First made in the late 1970s, this dish is quite popular in many Scottish chip shops. However, it is only recently that it has caught the public imagination so widely. The pizzas are made in the usual manner and then, the slices of pizzas are deep fried, either coated in batter or just as it is.


Deep Fried Cadbury Creme Eggs 


We are not sure whether you have tasted it yet or not but it definitely worth a try, albeit at your own risk. The Cadbury crème Eggs are deep fried and, thus, they become a great source of sugar, calories, and saturated fat, making it quite impossible for you to avoid a heart attack.


Deep Fried Cheese Curds


Well you must have come across these beauties at many a carnivals and fairs. These little balls look like popcorns but taste much better. Although easy to prepare at home, it is definitely difficult to stop at just one bite.


Deep Fried Tofu


Tofu is the health fanatics’ delight and the dieticians don’t tire of explaining the health benefits of eating tofu, instead of your usual dose of cottage cheese or meat. But what to do, the innovative chefs have gone ahead and destroyed that last realm of healthy eating as well by serving us the deep fried tofu. Do you want to try it?

Most of these crazy deep fried foods featuring on this list are sure to give you a heart attack but we suggest, if you really want to try them, do it one bite at a time and you are safe.

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Have You Tried These Crazy Deep Fried Foods?