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Master Chef Australia Gossip - Season 3 - The Kumar Of Bollywood

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Today, in the Master Chef Australia Kitchen, it was the day for the Dessert Island challenge where the contestants had to cook with five of their favorite ingredients. The idea was to cook a dish that they would be ready to eat for the rest of their lives. But what really caught my eye was the media stereotyping a person of ethnicity?


George and Gary walk towards Kumar Pereira's station and the camera follows them. Kumar is a sixty one year old graphic design teacher from Sydney. As the camera zooms in on him while he prepared his shrimp stew and rice cooked in coconut water, the background music changes suddenly to something that is so Bollywood. I mean what the hell are they coming to say? India means Bollywood only?? What's up with that? Master Chef Australia Season 2 had Jimmy Seervai, another contestant of Indian origin; but there was no Bollywood music then? Interestingly enough, Jimmy was always inclined to Indian style of cooking than what Kumar appears to be.


People, please stop playing Bollywood music every time you have an Indian on the show. Chances are that they might even hate it.


In the end, Kumar Pereira makes into the Top 24. Now 12 spots are filled, 12 more to go.


BTW a lesson learnt, I must never write such juicy gossip when I am hungry.


Adios till trow!



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Master Chef Australia Gossip - Season 3 - The Kumar Of Bollywood