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Destin Seafood Festival

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Assorted Seafood present at the Destin Seafood Festival

The annual Destin Seafood Festival is a community based Festival on the Destin Harbor Front that sets up a great platform to showcase  Destin’s fantastic local seafood and local culture. The location puts the festival right in the middle of all the action along the harbor and the Destin Fishing Rodeo, which takes place the throughout the month of October. More than 30,000 locals and visitors were present at the 2010 festival to enjoy the live music, delicious seafood, and more.




September 30 through October 2, 2011



The 33rd Annual Destin Seafood Festival is going to be set up along the length of Destin harbor from Harbor walk Village to the Boathouse Oyster Bar in Destin, Florida.


Ticket Prices and Timings

Admission to the Destin Seafood Festival is free for children and adults. The timings are as follows:

Friday – 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday – 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sunday - 11:00 am – 4:00 pm



In addition to great music, visitors can enjoy fresh local seafood from some of the area’s finest restaurants, glance through arts & crafts booths, win prizes from the Florida Lottery, and a lot more. A children’s’ area complete with rock climbing, inflatable toys, and more will amuse the younger crowd. A part of the proceeds will go towards the Destin Fishermen’s Fund.



If you are driving or flying in from neighboring cities and towns and want to stay the weekend there are plenty of lodging options for as low as $99 a night. You can find beachfront condos with a minimum two night stay requirement. There are special rates on vacation rentals that have been negotiated for visitors especially there for the Destin Seafood Festival, but do try and book early to make sure you get a room.


With so many entertainment options and the fantastic location of the Destin Seafood Festival, it would be a crime to miss out on this fabulous event. It is an ideal weekend getaway for everyone, especially if you have children. You are guaranteed great weather, tons of pleasurable activities to indulge in and mouth watering fresh food. Make a visit to Destin this September. It will truly be a memorable experience.  


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Thanks for the details
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I wish I could go sounds so interesting...thanks for the details info
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seems like you've done a good research on the festival...thanks for the detailed info on the seafood festival :)
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My husband is going to be in Miami around this time. Can you tell me if he can make a day trip to Destin from here to attend this festival?
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Thanks for this useful post...could u also give me the ticket prices?
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Travel destination - Destin Seafood Festival - interesting !! for seafood lovers all across the globe.....
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Ah how I wish I could go there. Any blogs/information on Seafood festivals in India?
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A free entry seafood festive!? I'd say, "People of Florida don't miss this one." :)
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I live in the Destin harbor which is where this festival happens. Its always a great occasion. Never missed it, not once.
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Am not a fan of seafood, still would like to make it to this festival to see what all dishes are served and how people relish with greed.
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Hey, I will be in Florida during this time, hope to take out some time to visit. Can anyone tell me about the restaurants I should not be missing, don't want any regrets later and make the best out of my limited time.
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wow! This festival sounds huge fun
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The thought of digging in to a platter of seafood is simply too tempting! But can you just tell what particular seafood will be served at the festival apart from crab? You see I'm allergic to them, hence interested in alternatives.
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this post is a wonderful treat to sea food aficionados!
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Sounds interesting. Does raw seafood is also available in the festival or all are cooked??
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All the seafood lovers in Florida should visit it, wish I would have been there.
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Wow, so much seafood in one place. Will definitely be attending this one! Thanks for sharing all the information in one place. I don't need to turn to any other page now :)
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The festival sounds so incredible. Wish I could be attend. Does India hold such an event?
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*wish I could attend.
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If I could, then I would be there!
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Thanks for this good coverage on the seafood festival. I would have liked some contact information also.