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Maryland Seafood Festival - Information And Updates

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Sandy Point State Park will once again be hosting the 44th annual Maryland Seafood Festival, a delicious and entertaining event, with music, great food, exhibits, and arts and crafts. This family fun and feasting event is expected to draw 20,000+ visitors from all across the mid-Atlantic region.


The Maryland Seafood Festival is a great tradition in the State and has been held annually for 40+ years, with the most recent 30 years being held the weekend after Labor Day at Sandy Point State Park. This event focuses on creating a  safe, family friendly environment highlighting the fantastic seafood that Maryland has to offer while drawing people from all over the East Coast in the off season. You will be entertained by live music performances, local charities selling yummy treats, creative craft booths, not to mention everyone’s seafood favorites, there is going to be fun and games for all.The Festival brings back happy memories with the conventionally held events and new soon-to-be favorites this year!



September 10th and 11th, 2011



Sandy Point State Park

Annapolis MD 21409

GPS 3900 48.81N 7624 07.95W




The Maryland Seafood Festival offers free shuttle service from Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) (West Campus) to the Festival all weekend.  There is a $5 parking fee per car.  The shuttle will run continuously between AACC and Sandy Point State Park both days. The shuttle service hours are from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm



Saturday Sept. 10, 2011


The day kick starts at 8:00 am with the Maryland fishing challenge and the doors open to the public at 10:00 am. Don’t miss the crab soup cook off that starts soon after. At 12:30 pm the Phillips/Giant Recipe contests begins followed by the Old Mill High School Alumni steel band. Those interested in cooking should not miss the J.O. spice demo in the afternoon. Music entertainment starts as early as 3:00 pm with a reggae band followed by another super exciting event, the Phillips crab cake eating contest. Enjoy music from the 80’s in the evening with the Reagan Years followed by the Cowboy’s Mouth which features New Orleans Rock and Roll.


Sunday Sept. 11, 2011

Doors open to the general public at 10:00 am and the Chesapeake  steel drum band begins at 11:00 am. If you missed the spice demo the day before, you can catch up today. The second day of the event is when the Cantler’s Crab Pickling contest preliminary rounds take place. Enjoy the Kelly Bell Band before the crab picking finals happen. The evening ends with country music in the Steel Magnolia event.  



Enjoy the spectacular Maryland Seafood Festival. The food and entertainment lineup is sure to impress each and every visitor and make them want to come back for more.


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Samina.Tapia's picture
I love seafood and wish I could have a part of this seafood festival. Are there any such festivals in India?
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This means head to Maryland, if you wish to get drenched in aroma of seafood dishes.
Rashmi Ambadkar's picture
Maryland Seafood Festival- great to read about this !! We should have such Seafood Festival in places like Goa or Konkan to promote tourism...
Anonymous's picture
Maryland is always a fare for seafood, even without the food festival. Here you can taste some of the most delectable seafood cuisines. So, plan to join this food festival or visit Maryland at any of your favorable time.
thot4food's picture
Maryland here I come. Honestly, I love seafood and would go to any length for eating them. :)
Anonymous's picture
I am a vegetarian, so not much idea about seafood. But, this article is well written..
Anonymous's picture
That's really good news. Can you please give the link to the official website of this festival so that I can contact to know the entry fee etc. if any.
foodietweetie's picture
Maryland to get merrier with seafood :) I wish I could be there. Looking forward for such festivals in India as well. Please keep us informed if you get any info.
oatmeal's picture
I would love to see people drooling over seafood...
chefgirishparab's picture
I love seafood. I am sure its gonna be a great success.
Anonymous's picture
Seafood festival is indeed a treat for seafood lovers like me..unfortunately I cannot make to it but I am gonna pass this info to sister in Annapolis and she would go crazy hearing about it...
delicious.bites's picture
Thanks for sharing the was a good read!
FitGal's picture
Is there any place where we can buy souvenirs at this festival? I would like to pick some when I visit there.
Gourmet.lover's picture
Oh, was just wondering if they host this kind of festival somewhere in Southern Part of India?
ShakunS's picture
Yummy seafood! So wish I could be a part of the festival. Does India host any such events?
barbecue's picture
a real treat for sea food lovers!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryland Seafood Festival - Information And Updates