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Wine Spill Causes Loss Of $1 Million

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Wine Spilled In Adelaide


Sparky Marquis, a winemaker stared aghast as he watched his premium wine fall down from a height of 20 feet and be smashed to smithereens. A container carrying  5,546 bottles of “Mollydooker Velvet Glove shiraz” accidentally slipped from the forklift’s grip and flew down the wharf of Port Adelaide even as the onlookers stared at the loss.


The loss of almost a million dollars is no laughing matter said Marquis while talking to “Adelaide Now”. The wine bottles carried a price tag of $185 and he simply refused to believe it at first. Instead, Marquis searched around for cameras waiting to capture his indignant expression and shout that it was all a hoax. He soon realized the enormity of the incident when he found none of his crew amused.


The representative of Kerry Logistics which operated the forklift told the press that his team handled heavy materials like sand every day, carrying them to and fro the hold of the ships. None of them was brittle in nature and could easily survive a 50 feet fall. But the only shipment requiring tact and delicate handling had the misfortune of being dropped accidentally.


Sparky Marquis still finds the entire episode unbelievable. He has set his men to hunt through the debris, now lodged in a cold store. Only a single carton out of the 462 seemed to remain undamaged so far. The men are frantically going through every one of the broken bottles, checking for the damage to the cap and seal which if found would render the bottle of wine useless.


Marquis is particularly peeved at finding his premium product going down the drain without being consumed. The loss would also put his company back financially as the entire shipment amounted to almost a third of their output.


Marquis is hoping to recover some of the loss in form of insurance refund. However, that might be a long time coming as the company gets to check and re-check the facts carefully. We can only lament the loss of fine wine in the meanwhile and hope that Marquis would be back with his superlative wine soon enough.


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Wine Spill Causes Loss Of $1 Million