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Wellington Food Festival

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Wellington On A PlateThe capital of New Zealand is proving to be a hot and happening destination as far as the Wellington Food Festival is concerned. Termed as “Wellington on a Plate”, the festival flagged off in 2009 with just 42 restaurants and 12 events has grown beyond recognition today.


The people of New Zealand are now looking forward to the event this year which has more than a 100 restaurants participating in 80 events. Let us have a look at the prominent events that has the gastronomes of the tiny country eagerly anticipating it every year.


Local Food

The event has been named thoughtfully as ‘Think local’ and features more than 103 restaurants both small and big, offering lunch menus and dinner items prepared with the locally available products. Some of the bigger establishments also offer their visitors a chance to take a tour of their kitchens and food preparation techniques employed there.


Chocolate Degustation

The five course Schoc chocolate tasting experience will literally have your mouth watering especially when you learn about the excellent collection of Borthwick wines from Wairarap which will be paired with the chocolates. The art of decorating cupcakes is another lesson that will be well learnt as you take in every nuance while sipping on cocktails mixed by skilled bartenders.


High Tea With Fashion

The fashion show hosted by the newly revamped Museum Art Hotel is also likely to enthrall the audience who will be allowed to enjoy a sumptuous high tea throughout  the colorful event. ‘Blind Dining’ is yet another occasion that is sure to leave you with a heightened sense of anticipation as the waiters blindfold you and let you taste the delicious meal along with suitably paired wines sans distractions.


Hunting for traditional Maori foods as you walk with the aid of a torchlight is certain to be a thrilling experience as well. The ‘Kai Hakari’ feast with Maori chieftains in tow is bound to be a unique experience and you will wonder at the vast repertoire of culinary delights that this particular Wellington food festival has to offer. 


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Wellington Food Festival