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Chennai Food Festival

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Chennai Food FestivalThe most happening event of Tamil Nadu, the Chennai food festival,  popularly known as “Chennai Sangamam”,  was held in January amidst the Pongal celebrations. The festival  was held for the fourth time and the enormous crowd it drew from every walk of life left no doubt about its popularity. The credit for bringing together the residents of the State from diverse socio-economic backgrounds is no mean feat . However, there was a binding factor that is common to all,. Yes, you got it. It was food, mouthwatering fare from the state of Tamil Nadu that formed a strong bond between all and sundry.


The delicious food was prepared by the master chefs who worked at a frenzied pace in the kitchens of five star hotels while the crowd waited with eager anticipation. The best part of the Chennai food festival was the availability of star hotel food at affordable rates. It was, therefore, not surprising to find people waiting eagerly for hours in order to get a taste of everything that could be said as belonging to Tamil Nadu.



The restaurants that served as the venue for the fourth edition of Chennai Sangamam included the ones  frequented by politicos and filmstars too. The illustrious list consisted of the following.

  • Nageswara Rao Park
  • Bouganvilla Park,
  • Natesan Park
  • Lady Wellington School
  • Sivan Park
  • Thiru Vi Ka Park



The traditional dishes were all evident at the festival making it resplendent in local colors. Some of those delectable items included:-

  • Dindigul Biryani- Named after the region of Dindigul in Tamil Nadu, this biryani is prepared with tiny grains of seeraga samba rice.
  • Madurai Prema Vilas Halwa- A wheat based pudding which is a specialty of the town of  Tirunelveli nicknamed Halwa City on account of the famous dessert.
  • Nethili Fish Curry- A yellow curry prepared with anchovy paste and sardines.
  • Manapparai Murukku- A  deep fried, savory snack made from rice flour from the town of Manapparai in Tamil Nadu.
  • Srivilliputhur Palkova- A dessert item made from superior quality milk and refined sugar.


The colorful Chennai Food Festival  held on the 13th of January this year reinforced the belief of the people of Tamil Nadu as they  came together from all corners of the State and formed a strong bonding  that has withstood the test of time.


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Chennai Food Festival