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Belfast Food Festival

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Belfast Food FestivalThe food scene in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland is abuzz this year. A number of events that is certain to appeal to the gastronome in you will be taking place all around the city and each and every one of them can be termed as a Belfast food festival. After all, it will be hard to resist the mouth watering dishes, interesting food stories, and fun contests even as you become busy, soaking in the  atmosphere and storing away helpful tips and locations of superior restaurants in town, courtesy the food experts and organizers of the food events. Let us now learn more about the spectacular food festival in the offing even as we enjoy the local scenario of Belfast.


Belfast Taste & Music Fest

The taste festival is back once again! Gear up to catch the musical extravaganza as you tuck into delicious fare laid out at the biggest al fresco restaurants that will seem to be created by magic at the Botanical Gardens this August. An array of chefs, each with his/her own distinctive style is bound to tickle your palate as you stare nonplussed at the vast spread of dishes beckoning you.  The main dishes, appetizers in the form of antipasto and starters as well as fragrant soups jostle with the desserts and cookies even as you feel the need to take a long sip of something cool. The table laid out, bang in the center contains beverages in glasses of every size and shape and you can take your pick of thirst quenchers from the plethora of beer, wines as well as cola drinks, ciders and champagne along with the signature of Belfast, the Illy coffee. The festival is expected to attract more than 30,000 residents over the first weekend of August with the kids being spoilt rotten by the enormous variety of sweet and savory food items that will be put together especially for them.


Belfast Food and Drink Festival

Satiating your taste buds throughout the month of September is something that most foodies of Belfast are looking forward to this year. Yes, it is the Belfast Food and Drink Festival that is going to draw the largest crowds even as the stall holders of St. George’s Market keep you hooked on their food that will be whipped up by chefs of repute. Cooking tips and competitions are likely to abound and you are certain to yearn for more as the month long festival bids adieu to you at the end of September.  Learning about the specialty restaurants in your neighborhood as well as the special offers coming your way will undoubtedly be an added bonus.


Whether it is the steamed haddock or pan fried mussels, be sure to end it on a sweet note with chocolate fondant and you will certainly be ready for more of the Belfast food festival fare, come next year.


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Belfast Food Festival