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Raw Meat: Food For Carnivore Girls

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Raw Meat Platter

Move over herbivore boys! It’s the time for the carnivore girls to enjoy themselves! This seems to be the motto of the younger generation of Japanese women who revel in eating raw meat;  eschewing the traditional practice of consuming raw fish in the form of sushi and sashimi.


Who Are The Carnivore Girls?

The aggressive girls, known as carnivore girls are economically independent and don the pants in Japanese households at present. The herbivore males are those who opt to remain in the background, are reluctant to earn their livelihoods and refrain from age old macho activities that call for physical strength. They are also shying away from sex leaving the women to call the shots in a country plagued with economic problems.


Where Do They Get Raw Meat?

Not all are complaining though! The owner of a newly opened eatery aptly named “Niku Sushi’ which can be literally translated into raw meat has no cause for complaints. Indeed, he is happy to admit that business is booming courtesy the carnivore girls who eat every raw form of meat including chicken, beef, pork, and horse. The restaurant has been open for eight months now and has already expanded, opening four outlets and is currently on a lookout for franchises.


Is It Safe?

The idea may appeal to the tough girls like Aya Kanazawa who subsists on raw meat three days a week but food experts seem to be divided on the issue. Is it safe to eat uncooked meat? This is the question troubling them although Japan has excellent food safety standards in comparison to the rest of the world. The incidence of four people succumbing to raw beef which had been spoiled is only two months old making people wonder about the wisdom behind the practice of eating flesh in the rare form.


Hiroaki Toda, the restaurant owner is playing it safe for now as he serves pork, horse, and chicken meat to his clients. The eatery is undoubtedly going to rake in the moolah as long as the battle of sexes rages on in Japan.  


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Raw Meat: Food For Carnivore Girls