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Dog Meat Festival Gives In Without A Whimper

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Dog Meat Soup

The dog meat festival scheduled to be held in Seoul on the first weekend of July had to be cancelled by the organizers. The reason? Well, it was the animal rights activists at work again. They created a ruckus followed by umpteen number of phone calls to the “Korea Dog Farmers’ Association,” the organizers, complaining against the event. There were few willing to let them rent out their premises for the event at the end of it all prompting them to call it off. One of the advisors of the association and professor of nutrition at the University of Chung Cheong informed the media about it.


What was the Festival About?

The event meant to focus on the positive points of the industry with videos showing footages of dogs being raised in perfectly sanitary and healthy conditions. The Dog Farmers hoped that the industry would thus be able to win the approval of the concerned authorities and became a legalized and regulated form of industry eventually.


Popular Dog Meat Preparation

Dog soup known as Boshintang is considered as a summer delicacy across the country and is thought to have a cooling effect on the body. The dish is not eaten commonly states the “Wall Street Journal” which highlights the fact that the dish was popular with only a minority of the population who consumed it regularly. The soup also seems to find more favor with the male population as it is believed to enhance their "stamina."


Nature of Complaint

The complainants, however, argue that their objections have nothing to do with the treatment of the dogs and the humane ways of killing them for meat. However, they are more willing to have the dogs walking besides them as friends and companions instead of ending up as a hot and flavorful soup at their diner repasts.


The idea didn’t really have any buyers in South Korea until recently. Even now, it is only the capital city and other urban surroundings which endorse the view and raise pet dogs instead of meat dogs which are believed to be of inferior quality simply because they have no long and illustrious pedigrees.   


The country houses about 600 exclusive dog farms right now that raise the dogs as food. The very thought is uncomfortable enough for an average American though. But why does slaughtering a cow or pig for meat seem to be right while doing the same to dogs is considered unethical? Any answers?


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Dog Meat Festival Gives In Without A Whimper