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Upcoming MOCA Event: A Must Watch For Foodies

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Film workshops which focus on food is bound to leave the foodies of Los Angeles enthralled as it gets underway on July the 14th. The workshop sponsored by Levi’s will take place at the “Geffen Contemporary downtown” with a module aptly titled “Hunger.


Jonathon Wells, the organizer is hoping to incorporate all aspects of food including growing, cooking and serving the food. He hopes to provide a unique opportunity for members of the community who will learn much about the food as well as master the techniques of film making.


Growing Food

The apparently serious topic of growing food and debates about the wisdom of opting for organic produces will be addressed in a light hearted manner as the 15 minute film titled “Wild Goodness” hopes to incorporate a sequence where live chickens will be escorted in for a screen test.  Mobile farms are also being designed by the creative artists which will be hoisted on bicycles. Aaron Rose, the director of this movie admits that he is a weird guy but is determined to enthuse his audience with the growing of food in a variety of ways.


Preparing Food

The film on preparation of food will be taken care of by Lefebvre who is destined to visit a San Pedro ranch where he will spend his day picking his ingredients from the ranch and then build a fire to cook them. He is likely to sketch each dish before it is cooked which will be transformed into animation replete with handwritten notes. A different take for a cookery based show indeed!


Serving Food

The serving part is bound to be doubly enjoyable with the director, Dugan O’Neal planning a spoof on martial arts films. He plans to show the members of the “Korean-Mexican Kogi BBQ food truck” as Ninja chefs who have a field day rescuing the Kogi founder from villains. The film will be dubbed in both Spanish and English.


When celebrated chefs and hardcore foodies along with avid film makers get together, the event is destined to be a hit. Here’s wishing them luck with their novel endeavor.


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Upcoming MOCA Event: A Must Watch For Foodies