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Pizza Farm- A Unique Way Of Promoting Agritourism

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Pizza Farm

A Pizza farm is a unique way of ensuring profit for your small farm. Yes! This apparently new idea has appealed to a large cross section of the wealthy urban people who would like to take a look at agricultural farms first hand. However, the idea of getting an education interests everyone particularly when you want your children to learn while having fun.


What is a Pizza Farm?

The primary focus of a Pizza farm is exactly that where a large circular patch of the ground is marked off as the Pizza area. The area is divided into wedges quite akin the pizza slices with each section showcasing an ingredient that goes into the making of a pizza.

Consequently wheat, tomatoes, peppers and corn can be viewed in a growing state making the kids realize the amount of work that is required to make a delectable wedge of pizza. A dairy section that highlights the nuances of cheese making along with one that includes a section on rearing of pigs for pepperoni is yet another aspect of the pizza farms that have become huge successes today.


Popular Pizza Farm

R Pizza farm, an enterprise started by Walt Gregory, at the town of Alton on the banks of river Mississippi. The three year old farm has a section growing rosemary and thyme which has the kids wondering, three goats represent the milk and the chicken laying eggs are enough to make the children appreciate the hard work that is delivered within a cardboard box.

The parents are as astounded as the children as the entire visit doubles up as a learning experience for them as well.  Gregory laughs as he recalls the look of incredulity in the eyes of an old woman who never had an inkling the pepperoni came from the pigs.

The visitors have a field day walking on a pizza farm which concludes with a well deserved treat that includes a slice of pizza and a soda pop.


History Behind Pizza Farms

It all began in 1991 when Darren Schmall, a small time farmer tried to interest a bunch of school children by talking about farming. The very first Pizza Farm was born on 20th of March, 1993 which also happened to be the National Agriculture Day.

The Cobb Ranch has grown in popularity since then with more than 100,000 visitors visiting it every year.

There are several other pizza farms in the United States, which help the small farms to sustain themselves as they offer to educate the urban kids in a most attractive and fun filled way.

Agritourism has proved to be a win-win situation for everyone and is now considered to be one of the most exciting ways of making a profit. Want to know more about such unique ideas? Keep watching this space…


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Pizza Farm- A Unique Way Of Promoting Agritourism