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Enter to Win A Copy of The Deen Bros Get Fired Up

deen bros get fired up, Random House and the Deen Brothers are giving you the chance to win a copy of The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up!




To Enter:  check out the recipes below and leave a comment on this blog telling us which of the three you absolutely cannot live without this summer.  On July 7th, we'll tally up the results and five (5) people who voted for the winning recipe will win a copy of The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up!


About The Book:

In the book, Jamie & Bobby Dean and Melissa Clark share their outdoor cooking know-how to help you wow your friends and family with everything from grilled meats and barbecue to sandwiches, pizzas, and smoky sides. This irresistible cookbook also offers up delicious nibbles, tasty salads, and refreshing Seaside Sippers. Featuring ingredients easily found at your local supermarket, these effortless dishes are made even more special with the Deen brothers’ signature Southern flare.

Fire up the grill for some Beer Can Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Pickled Vidalia Onions, Big Fat Garlicky Rib Eye, and Down-Home Baby Back Ribs. Whip up Hot Buffalo Burgers with Blue Cheese or Nutty Pimiento Cheese Balls in the parking lot before the game. Spread out the picnic blanket for some Red-Hot Mayo and Tomato Sandwiches, NOLA-Style Dirty Rice Salad, or Southern Biscuit Cheese Straws. Hit the beach with Glazed Barbecue Shrimp, Grilled Crab Cake Sammies, or Fire-Roasted Clams and Mussels. Then wash it all down with such lip-lickin’ concoctions as Pomegranate Punch, Cucumber Sangria, or a Savannah Sea Breeze. Jamie and Bobby also throw in something sweet with their Grilled Buttery Pound Cake and More and More S’mores.


Check out the three recipes below from The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up and leave a comment on this blog telling us which one you absolutely cannot live without this summer...





Jamie and Bobby Deen grew up in Georgia- first in Albany and then in Savannah- and, like many Southerners, they have always considered cooking and food a big part of their lives.  When their mother, Paula Deen, started a sandwich delivery business in 1989, the boys took charge of deliveries.  As the business grew into The Lady restaurant, they continued to help.  Then, in 1996, the trio opened The Lady & Sons Restaurant to resounding success.  They haven't looked back since.  

Melissa Clark has written for The New York Times, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, and Real Simple and has authored or co-authored thirty books. 


To learn more about the Deen Brothers or if you prefer to purchase the book, visit

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JB's picture
I had tried some of their recipes from their magazine and they all worked. But me being me I always make small changes to fit my needs. I have not seen the book nor did I know they had one on the market. DID I WIN YET???
JB's picture
OOPS.. I forgot... Fired-Roasted Clams and Mussels
Donna.Miller's picture
Mexican Corn on the Cob with Mayo, Lime & Grated Cheese - are you kidding? THIS is a MUST HAVE! Corn is a summer staple. On the grill it is the PERFECT summer food. It is easy to grow and fresh is the best...this recipe is almost a meal in and of itself.
Ladyfedup's picture
The Beer can chicken. Loved this one. I have tried others but this one is the one I am going to use from now on. Love it.
joann magoch's picture
i love the corn yummy and the clams and mussels are a must have as well cant choose but i love them all ty
CookingWithCandra's picture
I think all three recipes are absolutely delicious but my favorite is the Mexican Corn on the Cob with Mayo, Lime and Grated's Divine :)
AmateurKitchen's picture
Love me some corn on the cob...and with mayo on it...FORGET IT!!! Yummy! The Dean brother's learned from the best, their Mom, Ms. Paula Dean! I tried a similar recipe that Paula showed a couple of years ago, I was a little hesitant because I am not a big fan of mayo, but gave it a shot and won't ever go back. I've even shared the recipe with my family and that's the way they cook their corn on the cob now too! I love the little twist of putting the citrus of the lime on it...I will be making this recipe soon! XO Jen
Anonymous's picture
Beer can chicken with sweet and spicy pickled vidalia onions...can go with virtually any other food as a compliment and such an array of tastes all rolled into one.. yumm :)
Tara Raun's picture
I eat all three of these!! For a seafood dish who doesn't love clams and mussels!! Then a classic beer can chicken, you can never go wrong!!! The corn on the cob with lime,mayo, and cheese is perfect!!
Toshua's picture
Hands down I vote for the Beer Can Chicken. I have been making this for quite a few years now but not with these spices:) Definately kicks it up a notch. Oh and lets not forget how unbelievably moist this chicken is. Hopefully next time I use this recipe there will be leftovers so I can add some to my lettuce salad:) Awesome recipe!!! I have a funny feeling if your mom made this recipe the olive oil would be replaced with butter:)
Rizzaleen's picture
I super like the Beer Can Chicken Recipe. Addicting.
SarahM2106's picture
The mexican corn! It leaves the corn moist and delicious and putting it on the grill saves time washing pots and pans and leaves more time for summer fun!
Anonymous's picture
Beer Can Chicken!! It's the best! We make it all the time!! :D
Ernesto Lim's picture
The BEER CAN CHICKEN with Sweet & Spicy Picked Vidalia Onions would be great... Chicken, i would say is already an all-time favorite all around the world, but with this new rendition and flavor, the Beer Can Chicken would surely delight everyone. In addition, chicken meals are versatile... it can be served as a main course and its leftover are still great as fillings for sandwich or as ingredient in salad preparations. The Beer Can Chicken, therefore, is a must-have. GOOD DAY!!!
Sonal's picture
Beer Can gets so moist and with the right seasoning....its AMAZING!!! Its just not one meal for my family of two.....I can make about 4-5 meals from one standard size roasted Chicken like that....from soup to salad and from sandwich to Chinese!!! Yaayyy for Beer Can chicken!!
Roxanne Talplacido's picture
Hello I'm from the Philippines, I like the BEER CAN CHICKEN. I'm not actually a good cook but when I tried to make this one it taste really good. You can serve this in picnics, party or any time of the day. I can say that this is "NILASING NA MANOK" in Filipino? "NILASING" is drunk in Filipino. Thanks and More power to you!
Myrna Ty's picture
Hi I'm from the Philippines and here in my country we have corn every summer...corn on cob with mayo is perfect. Healthy and easy to prepare. This recipe is unique,using mayo instead of butter. Hoping you can share with us some of your recipes. Thanks and God Bless.
Crystal Cruz's picture
fire roasted clams and mussels,seafood was my favorite food.It was perfect for me and This dish was absolutely I cannot live without!
Anonymous's picture
i lurve the beer can chicken!appealing for a sizzling summer party!
June the Homemaker's picture
I'm definitely going with the corn on the cob recipe, because I'm a veggie, and because I'm a SUCKER for anything with lime! :-D
margery's picture
corn cob on margery from philippines..,i only know a little about cooking..,im a newly-wed now..,i need some recipes so badly..hope you can help me..,a lot of tnx..,
CHEF RAVI's picture
I love corns, specially corn on the cob, grilled to my perfection, I myself is chef, and running a barbecue restaurant. i like this recipe, and i am going to try this for sure, thanks a lot.
shobhaa ramji's picture
i love the beer can chicken!!! lovely for a party!
shobhaa ramji's picture
i love the beer can chicken!!! lovely for a party!
Carol L's picture
I think we will go with the beer can chicken, we haven't tried it yet(yes, we are slow,lol!) and we eat alot of chicken in the summer, so this is the one that sounds the best to me. :)
Esta Fiesta's picture
I think the Mexican corn on the cob sounds amazing! I will have to try that, maybe even this week. :) I am the daughter of the household, but I love to cook meals for the family still. I want to try this one out for sure!
Ava's picture
I am going to try the beer can chicken, and the corn...who wouldn't love those!!
edelbert valenzuela's picture
My vote goes to BEER CAN CHICKEN, i will try to prepare it later for dinner with my love ones. Hopefully, the results would be great, my family admires my cooking skills so the pressure to serve delicious and nutritious foods is very high. Thanks for the recipes, a big help. More power.
Anonymous's picture
I love the Mexican Corn on the Cob with Mayo, Lime and Grated cheese..yummy! Great for family outings this summer..More power guys
buddy's picture
Beer can chicken,tried it and it is always awesome.A favorite for all of our friends and family, and a great conversation piece!! Lol.
yolinda p. mataganas's picture
i prefer fire-roasted clams and mussels
bingbong's picture
Fired-Roasted Clams and Mussels
bingbong's picture
Fired-Roasted Clams and Mussels......i like it!!!
doc eden's picture
creative, yummy!!!!
Dianne H.'s picture
Beer can chicken, definitely! So moist and flavorful! :)
charlie cruz's picture
here in the philippines is so cheap to buy clams and mussels,i prefer this one,...
Catmint's picture
I have done a few beer can chickens,I really like a Thai one but now I must can some Vidalia onions or at least Walla Walla so I can try that one, yum...
Gail Fort's picture
Definitely Mexican Corn on the Cob with Mayo! Love it!!
nanns's picture
When I eat, i never mind which season it is hahaha. What matters most to me is that i get to eat what i really want! And among these three i would say...Fire-Roasted Clams and Mussels!!!
Ana Maria C. Uy's picture
the grilled mussels.... always good .....
Debbie Fabre's picture
Definitely the chicken dish. The onion relish sounds delicious.
car's picture
i am a chicken person, so i will go for the Beer can chicken.
Donna.Miller's picture
The Fourth of July we had the Mexican Corn on the cob (with about 8 people here) and it was a hit! The lime finished it off perfectly! I'll be doing this again...likely a July Fourth tradition now (we do BBQ ribs & chicken for the 4th so this side was a great addition)!
Surabhi k.c's picture
beer can chicken. i love that....
fhebie mi amore's picture
i like the fire roasted clams and mussels.its so simple and easy to prepare
rosalina m. masaya's picture
I love them all, but i like most is the Beer can chicken, it's perfect for my family..... my son loves to cook, so i guess this one is very good!
Zuzy Martin Lynch's picture
Beer-can Chicken!!!! This recipe sounds so delicious and easy AND the last time I had beer can chicken, it was by far the crowd favorite - even though we were BBQing at an oyster farm, everyone was watching and loving the beer-can chicken! Thanks for the recipe!!
Yugal Mehra's picture
Beer Can chicken is great
darrdarr's picture
Beer Can Chicken always a good choice.
Enter To Win A Copy Of The Deen Bros Get Fired Up