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The Needy To Feed On Geese Meat

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Geese cause problems for US aviation


The over breeding of geese may solve the food scarcity for the needy in Pennsylvania, this year. The “Department of Environmental Protection” has decided to donate the slaughtered geese to Pennsylvania this summer, said a representative of the body.


The geese had created problems last year and posed a major risk to aviation in the area. Owing to which, the New York authorities were forced to put them down in order to control their rising population. The slaughtered birds were sent for landfills last year. However, this year, they have decided to feed the needy by transporting the geese all the way to Pennsylvania, which has a system for distributing food to shelters for the needy.


Farrell Sklerov, the representative for the department of agriculture said that New York City does not have such a system right now but eventually they were hopeful of feeding the local people too. NYC will be shelling out the cost of transportation at present as the geese meat makes its way into food banks and shelters for the hungry people.


Slaughtering the geese is a practice that started almost three years ago when flight 1549 of the US Airways had to make a forced landing on the Hudson River after hitting a goose. Protecting the air passengers takes precedence iterated Sklerov stating that they were delighted to be able to feed the hungry population of Pennsylvania.


The animal activists are outraged with the ASPCA strongly condemning the nature of controlling the geese. They would have preferred a non-lethal alternative said their spokesperson. The decision to provide food for those in need is a topic that was not commented upon by the ASPCA.


The process is slated to start as soon as the Department of Agriculture has the figures pertaining to the number of geese occupying the areas in and around New York this season.


Kudos to the USDA for coming up with such a unique solution to feed the needy. It may well be perceived as a case of killing two birds with one stone.


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The Needy To Feed On Geese Meat