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Welsh Food Festivals

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Popular Welsh FoodWales, the favorite destination for foodies from all over the world; is also the venue for some of the best Welsh food festivals. The food from Wales or the Welsh cuisine is quite popular across the world for its richness. If you want to taste the authentic rich flavor of Welsh cuisine, then plan to catch up any of the popular Welsh food festival.


Top 5 Welsh Food Festivals

Welsh Food Festival 

This food festival of Welshpool, Powys, has been quite acclaimed just within its 4 years of journey. The festival is usually hosted in September with lots of exuberance from the participants. Local producers and expert chefs congregate in this platform to showcase their quality and skill. Reputed restaurants from in and around the place takes part to offer their assortment of traditional Welsh cuisines. Other than good food, one can also find interesting contests, demonstrations, cooking lessons, local produces and other attractive events.


Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 

Associated with international acclaim, this Welsh food festival is one of the most premier food events of the country. The festival attracts most reputed chefs and producers across the nation, along with huge crowd.  Gourmet food products like farmhouse cheese, handmade chocolates and finest liqueurs are the best attractions of this food festival. Being held in July, it is perhaps the best day-out event for summer time. Roam around the food stalls or relax in the waterside champagne bar – it is definitely going to be a memorable occasion.


Abergavenny Food Festival

In September, Abergavenny becomes the favorite destination for the local and international food lovers and food experts. From the very inception, Abergavenny Food Festival has made an entry in the list of premier-most Welsh food festivals. The festival is joined by some of the master chefs of the continent to demonstrate their culinary skills and to present delectable Welsh cuisines to the crowd. The festival also showcases the tradition and diversity of Welsh culture and Welsh cuisine.


Anglesey Oyster and Welsh Produce Festival

This Welsh food festival of Anglesey has already crossed its 10th year and still it is growing more popularity in day by day. Being held in October, the festival highlights a huge selection of oysters and other gourmet foods. The 2-days long event includes several interesting programs like exhibition by food and drink manufacturers, exciting competitions, cooking demonstrations etc.


West Wales Food Festival 

One of the biggest names among various Welsh food festivals, this festival lines up in the month of May, in the city of Llanarthne, Carmathenshire. The festival organizes a gala dinner prepared and served by top chefs of Wales. On top of that, cooking demonstrations are conducted by the expert chefs in front of the visitors. Topics on bee-keeping, vegetable gardening and lamb farming are also discussed by the experienced professionals.


If you are really in love with Welsh food, then make sure to attend any of these top 5 Welsh food festivals to enjoy a lifetime experience of great food and great people.


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Welsh Food Festivals