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Mexican Food Festivals

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Mexican SalsaMexican food festivals are listed among the most popular food events in all over the world. The hot and spicy Mexican cuisine is the best treat to the food buffs. Following is the list of most popular Mexican food festival events, which are held across the country.


Most Popular Mexican Food Festivals

Three Kings Bread FiestaRosca de Reyes


Celebrated in January, this Mexican food festival is hosted in Malinalco. The main feature of the festival is to showcase the traditional Rosca de Reyes, in its various forms and varieties.


Amaranth Candy & Olive Festival

Held in February and hosted in Xochimilco, this festival is dedicated to the pre-hispanic grain, amaranth. Different types of amaranth preparations like candies, hot drinks, cereals, noodles etc are showcased, along with fresh bunch of olives.


Traditional Mayan Food Fiesta

March is the month for celebrating traditional Mayan food, through this famous Mexican food festival, which is held in the most indigenous location at Yucatan peninsula.


Wine Festival

The Aguas Wine Festival is hosted in the state capital city, Aguascalientes, in the month of April. It is also known as one of the largest Mexican food festivals. Delicious and authentic Mexican food and beverages are offered to the visitors, with plenty of live entertainment.


Regional Fruit, Vegetable and Salsa Fair

Several food events are celebrated in the month of May, among which this festival is quite unique and popular, too. The famous salsa town, Rosario, is the venue for the fair. The main highlight of the festival is the variety of locally made salsas with different taste and flavor.


Vanilla Festival

This famous food festival is housed in the center of world’s largest vanilla producing areas, in June to showcase the harvest of vanilla pods. Regional foods and beverages play a major role in celebration. Vanilla pod crafts and vanilla essence are sold as the main products of the vanilla industry.


Mescal Fair

The month of July brings the main food festival of Oaxaca, to display the finest beverage, Oaxacan Mescal. The additional features of the festival include Oaxacan culinary exhibits, live entertainment and many more.


Fresh Radish

Radish Festival

This Oaxaca festival of radish is organized in December to showcase huge harvest of radish. Carved pieces of radish are displayed and sold in this festival. People also consume radish in its various culinary forms.



Wine Grape Harvest Festival

August is the month to harvest wine grapes, in the renowned vineyards Of Santo Tomas valley, at Ensenada. The famous Mexican meal, comida corrida is prepared as the main attraction of the festival in variety culinary styles.


Peach Fair

Peach fair is hosted in Sirutato, during the month of September.  Fresh peach and various types of peach products are available in abundance at this food festival.


Mole Festival

The Mole festival is celebrated in October, at San Pedro Actopan to exhibit large quantity of mole paste mounds in different varieties. The stalls offer the opportunity to taste and buy this special Mexican ingredient.


Christmas Bread Fair

One of the popular Mexican food festivals, the Christmas Bread fair is observed with lots of fun and enthusiasm. Beautifully decorated breads and loaves are displayed for sample tasting and selling. The fair also showcases beautifully designed ornaments for Christmas decoration.


All these Mexican food festivals represent the age-old culture and heritage of this country, which is surely to be enjoyed.


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Mexican Food Festivals