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Newport Food Festival

If you love to enjoy exotic and superb food along with some great wine, then Newport Food Festival is where you need to be. The festival is generally held annually at the Balboa Bay Club. Usually the festival held in the first week of May and as such this is the best time to visit Newport.


Newport Food Festival is the most upscale and anticipated event across the world. The food festival is home to number of interesting and unusual activities happening each year.


Since 1978 the Newport food festival has attracted millions of visitors across the world. The festival is usually packed with all fun, food and classic wines. Let’s check out some of the alluring attractions of Newport food festival.


Fascinating Attractions of Newport Food Festival:


For the entire three days during the festival time the Balboa Bay Club & Resort provides the backdrop for eight exciting food and wine events. The most celebrated chefs such as Master Sommeliers, few acclaimed winemakers and noted experts serve as the guides, captivating festival-goers with educational seminars and wine events with non-stop tasting tables.


One of the most alluring attractions of this festival is of course the cognac and cigar seminars. These seminars are usually provided by Martel Cognac and Hamilton Cigars. During the seminar, you will get the wonderful chance to taste outstanding cognac and can also learn about the fine cognac and cigars as well.


On this typical night of the festival, you can find mounds of shrimp, plenty of oysters, pasta, fish along with other scrumptious seafood dishes and exotic treats.


Some More Enticing Attractions:


There are plenty of other things to do and see as well. There are numerous night bars where you can enjoy. Many bars are equipped with big screen televisions, games and pool tables for those who love playing.


Newport food festival also offers cutting edge entertainment for the music lovers. You can enjoy dancing to the beats of Latin rhythms to high energy rock and roll.


Get Yourself Involved: Newport Food Festival 2011


Wait for a more enchanting experience next year! Check out for the dates here:


Date: September 16-18, 2011


Location: 600 Newport Center Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660


For more details, you can contact 949 729 4400


Thus for many reasons, Newport Food Festival is worthy of a visit and a great reason to visit the Newport.


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Newport Food Festival