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Cardiff Food Festival

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Cardiff SkylineBeing the capital city, Cardiff represents the culture and tradition of Wales through its various cultural events including the Cardiff food festival programs.  The city is also a favorite tourist destination for travelers all over the world. The food festival events of Cardiff enhance the attraction of this place to the tourists. Here is a brief glimpse on the various food festivals held in Cardiff throughout the year.


Top Food Festival Events in Cardiff

Cowbridge Food & Drink Festival

Being another October event, this Cardiff food festival has a bunch of things to offer to its guests. Exotic food is obviously the main attraction of the festival, but there are other interesting activities as well. Seminars, competitions, talks, demonstration, music, theater etc are organized to entertain the visitors.


Cardiff Vegetarian Festival

This festival is one of the popular food festivals of Cardiff held in May, celebrating vegetarianism. The festival offers greatest vegetarian foods from famous restaurants and cafes in and around the city. Live entertainment and musical shows are also there to attract more visitors to this festival.


Fresh ApplesApple Weekend

Hosted during the month of October, this event offers more than 350 varieties of apples. One can taste or buy the rarest varieties of apple, by participating in the event. Tips and techniques on apple gardening are also shared by experts.


Pick it, Cook it, Eat it

The concept of this event is something different from a normal food festival. But still it is one of the interesting food related events to participate in the month of June. Being in this event, one can choose fresh vegetables from the cottage garden and then head straight towards the kitchen to cook it as per the wish. Top chefs will be there to assist in fabulous cooking.


Cardiff International Food & Drink FestivalExotic Lasagne

Being the most important Cardiff food festival, it is the confluence of different culinary traditions across the world. This popular food festival is held in the month of July, with height of extravaganza. The festival has something for everyone, including gorgeous homemade chocolates, gourmet farmhouse cheese, finest liqueurs and exceptional foods. Music and other entertainments will be there to amplify the fun and festivity.


Cardiff Multicultural Mela

This Asian-themed festival is not only for food, but also to showcase the diverse cultures from various ethnicities. The main attraction of this festival is exquisite food and drink from India. One can also taste different types of cuisines, as the festival invites several top chefs from different parts of world. This festival is also conducted in the month of July.


St Fagans Food Festival

If anyone wishes to enjoy the taste of authentic Welsh food and drink, then this is the right event to join. This famous food festival of Cardiff is organized during the month of September, to showcase the traditional culinary style of Wales. However, the festival also offers other choices to select from. There are several other interesting activities, like food demonstrations, traditional baking, chocolate making, gardening etc to keep the participants engrossed.


Abergavenny Food Festival

Stepping into the 13th year of celebration in the coming September, this food festival is also famous for showcasing traditional Welsh cuisines. The festival offers the opportunity to experience the hospitality of Abergavenny’s food community. Other than enjoying foods, one can also buy fresh produces or participate in various interesting events. The Cheese and Wine Show and Fish Market are some of the major attractions of the festival.


The Great British Cheese Festival

The historic setting of Cardiff Castle is the venue for celebrating this special cheese festival, again in the September. Cheese enthusiasts can enjoy all sorts of activities associated to cheese, by joining this festival. Starting from sampling, tasting, buying, demonstration of cheese making – one can have real fun in learning more on cheese. The festival also demonstrates the best methods of cheese and wine pairing, which might come handy in various personal occasions.


So, when you visit Cardiff for the next time, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy any of the above famous Cardiff food festival events to make your trip more memorable.


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Cardiff Food Festival