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Liverpool Food FestivalLiverpool food festival is a great event which usually occurs between September 3rd-11th in the bars and restaurants of Liverpool. The festival runs for almost a week, delighting millions of visitors with an array of mouth-watering dishes from the finest restaurants, bars and hotels.


Let’s see some of the main attractions of Liverpool food festival.


Attractions of Liverpool Food Festival:


Liverpool food festival begins with a special gourmet dinner at London Carriage Works created by head chef Paul Askew and follows up with the creation of tallest sandwich, various delicious fish dishes and a great chocolate fantasy evening. You can enjoy plenty of delicious dishes which are freshly cooked in the mini kitchens on site and are available for very reasonable rate.


Those who are drink lovers, for them there is a special arrangement. You can have a glass of wine or any of your favorite drink for a refreshing sip before heading back to the kitchens for more food.


In the festival, you will get the opportunity to see and meet many talented world famous chefs. Visitors will be treated with live music, cooking demonstrations, beer tents, and children’s play area.


Now comes the entertainment part. The Liverpool food festival could be the best place to see some of your favourite artists performing live on the stage.


During food festival you can also learn about the production of the best sausages and burgers, to see how coffee is roasted and get the chance to taste few organic wines as well.


Get Yourself Involved: Liverpool Food Festival 2011


If you are planning to visit the Liverpool food festival this year, then here is the detail:


3rd and 4th September 2011 : Sefton Park, Liverpool


Get out to Liverpool and prepare to enjoy a great culinary weekend.

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