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Toronto Food Festival

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Toronto Food festivals are the signature events of this economical, cultural, and entertainment hub of Canada, as various food festivals are held here throughout the year. The city itself is a favorite destination for the tourists from all over the world and the attraction gets multiplied with the food festival programs in Toronto.


Most Popular Food Festival Programs in Toronto

Salut Wine & Food Festival

It is one of the most premier food festival programs in Toronto, where one can enjoy the celebration with exclusive food and exquisite wine. The festival is held during the month of May and more than 50 International wineries and culinary experts congregate in this occasion. Other than the wine tasting events, the festival also conducts seminars and discussions on various food and wine related topics.


Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival

Bottle of White WineThis famous festival gets celebrated in June, which completely concentrates on finest wines and other alcoholic beverages from various parts of the world. This year it is going to be the 3rd year for this festival. The spectacular waterfront location on the shore of Lake Ontario adds to the grandeur of the celebration. The festival offers sample tasting opportunity to the wine enthusiasts along with worthy seminars on related subjects.


Taste of Little Italy

From the name itself, one can understand the main objective of this Toronto food festival. Held in June, this festival represents heritage, culture and culinary habits of the Italian people. It is the place to enjoy authentic and gourmet Italian cuisine. On top of good food, there are live performance and original crafts show to enthrall the visitors.


Toronto’s Festival of Beer

The festival of beer is one of the major food festival programs in Toronto. Celebrate the festival in the month of August, with as much as beer you can drink. The festival showcases rich culture of brewing in the country. More than 100 beer brands normally participate in this festival, making its critical to select the choice of beer to sip or to buy.


Corazon de Mexico

This festival of Mexico gets celebrated in the month of July with the theme of traditional and contemporary aspects of rich Mexican culture along with its cuisine, music, and dance. By joining the festival, one can enjoy outstanding Mexican dishes prepared by expert chefs from Mexico.


Fortune Cooking Food Festival

This food festival is just the perfect choice for them, who prefer to eat Pan-Asian foods. Other than gourmet food, one can enjoy the skill and artwork of teppanyaki style. The competition among the chefs is quite interesting to enjoy. It is a place to experience the fascinating Mexico to its fullest.


Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Being held in September, this year is going to be the 14th year for this Toronto food festival.  Anything hot and spicy is the main attraction for this festival. Particularly, the BBQ preparations are available in various levels of hotness and spiciness. Live music and international chef’s competition are added attraction to the festival.


Vegetarian Food Fair

The Vegetarian Food Fair is the perfect festival for the vegan people. The festival represents an array of diverse vegetarian cuisines. Even non-vegetarian people would also enjoy the versatility of different vegetarian preparations, by joining the festival in September.Gourmet Chicken Preparation


Gourmet Food & Wine Expo

This famous food festival of Toronto is celebrated in November, where one can taste from an extensive list of gourmet foods and fine wines. The festival also features several entertainment opportunities along with educational seminars on food and beverages.


Other than the above mentioned food festivals, the city of Toronto is always bustling with some kind of celebrations. So, visiting Toronto is always going to be a privilege for the food aficionados of the world.


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Toronto Food Festival