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Gordon Ramsay is Stinking

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Gordon Ramsay sure is causing a stink. Actually, make that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sure is causing a stink for Gordon Ramsay. PETA UK demonstrators dressed up as horses and dumped a ton of horse manure in front of his London restaurant Claridge's. Ramsay has been putting himself in the bad graces of PETA, first by dragging a slain deer through his restaurant and then by suggesting that people should eat horse meat. In an upcoming episode of his show The F-Word, Ramsay admits to eating horse.


"I've eaten horse", and says that it is healthy, with lots of iron and half the fat of beef and far more Omega 3 essential fatty acids. He describes horse meat as "slightly gamey" and "packed with protein".


Some are calling the horse meat statement a "ratings gimmick," and others say it's perfectly viable to consider other red meat sources. Either way I bet Ramsay didn't think it would cause such a stink.

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Gordon Ramsay Is Stinking