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Taco Bell asks Toledo to Judge its new Taco.

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The fast food giant Taco Bell is all set to introduce new product Doritos Locos Tacos this month at its Toledo outlet. Close on the heels of Denny Bacons Sundae, the Doritos Locos Tacos is all set to garner the storm. The Taco Bell has chosen Toledo to test its new invention. The Taco Bell management has decided that if Toledoans agree to the new taste then they can introduce it on national level. The Irvine –Calif based outlet has already began circulating the new television ads urging more and more Toledoans to participate in the tasting trials for the Doritos Locos Tacos.

The ads were even put up in the city of Columbus by teasing the residents that they were not luck enough to taste the Taco Bell invention. Many people like Jim Rush, Communica Inc- a Toledo based marketing firm said that he was mildly amused by the new advertising tactics adopted by the fast food giant.

At this very point of time Taco Bell management is tight lipped about its new product. The spokesperson for the Junk food giant refused to give away the details of new product because they feel that revealing too many details might “spoil the test results”. However, the spokesperson confirmed that the test has just begun and it will continue for an indefinite period.

The new breed of tacos is moderately priced at $1.29 and it sends out the feeling of a typical Taco Bell menu item. Taco Bell has partnered with Doritos maker Frito-Lay to come up with a new breed to tacos whose shell is made up of Doritos chips and has cheese- flavored powdered coating.

Way back in 2004, Toledo became test market for home delivery of Boston Market. However, in 2000 the milk industry utilized it as the wide campus for testing the pitcher-shaped milk jug.

Mr. Rush is of the opinion that Toledo is a sort of everyman –town which makes it a perfect ground for test marketing. He further added that the town is spread across wide demographics which never compensates with any kind of misgivings or on quality. The town is also valued for its dining out crowd. No wonder that Taco Bell chose this as a new ground to test and serve Doritos Nachos Tacos.

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Taco Bell Asks Toledo To Judge Its New Taco.