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CherieKimmons's picture is excited to give 5 lucky Facebook fans the opportunity to win!  

It’s simple, from now until April 29, 2011, leave a comment below with your favorite potluck dish and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a copy of Cherie Kimmons’ book, “Potluck Survival Guide: Care & Feeding of the Athletic Supporter”.  Don’t forget, you MUST be a fan of on Facebook to win!

Whether you’re just attending or lucky enough to be the host, the Potluck Survival Guide will give you great tips & recipes to help you conquer your next potluck!



  • Leave a comment on this blog, telling us: What’s your favorite crowd-pleasing dish to bring to a potluck?
  • Be a fan of on Facebook (click on the link to become a fan)


Potluck Survival Guide, a light-hearted handbook for beginning and experienced cooks, helps frazzled parents, volunteers, event chairs and novice hosts feed the masses while keeping their sanity.  Whether it’s a tailgate party, scouting event, church dinner, school celebration or family gathering, this is the cookbook for you.  In addition to proven recipes that have passed the buffet test with young and old alike, Potluck Survival Guide includes:

  • information on organizing a buffet
  • menu ideas for athletes and their fans
  • quantity calculations
  • decorating ideas
  • sources for top-not or hard-to-find ingredients


Author Cherie Kimmons, who has spent years in the cooking trenches, helps readers prepare all-time potluck favorites for school, athletic, scouting, band, social and church events. She brings to the table years of experience as a humor columnist, aerobics and nutrition instructor, parent volunteer and baseball mom.  Not to mention, her Italian and Cajun-French background adds a little spice to the mix!


*Contest ends April 29, 2011.


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Kimberly Edwards's picture
Macaroni Salad is my favorite potluck dish, and bread pudding is my favorite dessert at a potluck dinner! Yummy... Kimberly :) CookingWithKimberly dot com
NoraFedora's picture
My favorite potluck dish is cold pasta primavera. It tastes and sounds impressive, but takes just minutes to make with its simple olive oil, garlic and fresh basil marinade over mozzarella, tomato and pasta. A definite crowd pleaser, and super refreshing on a summer evening. Thanks @Junethehomemaker for the referral over here!
Fogbythesea's picture
Deviled eggs are my favorite potluck dish. Kind of boring, maybe I need some help.
Erica Henry's picture
Our family favorites are BBQ's, deviled eggs, I have one child that loves brown beans, and for buster bar ice cream for dessert
Angies.BIG.Love.of.Food's picture
My fav pot luck is Chocolate Cobbler
Keith Lorren's picture
twice baked potatoes are my favorite pot luck dish!! they compliment everything!!
Aryn Bailey's picture
I like to bring tabouli salad to potlucks so there is always something fresh and vegetarian friendly.
Lady Challe 's picture
I receive requests for macaroni & cheese, teacakes or cream cheese pound cake.
Summer's picture
Vegetarian Pasta salad works well for potlucks. it holds its nice shape and taste even during the hot summer days and bar-b-q. it goes well with everything on the table.
Anonymous's picture
I love to make tator tot bake, since it's super easy, and affordable!
Gourmetmama's picture
My favorite Potluck dish would be a big pot of Smoked multi-variety beans enriched with flavor by using ham-hock, ground chuck and Italian sausage. It is deliciously filling, works great with just about any dish, and can feed a large crowd, all from one pot.
Priyanka_B's picture
The Death-by-Chocolate Cake...........YUMMY........!!!!!1
Anonymous's picture
My favorite potluck recipe is to make Layered Pizza Dip served with crisp pizza base wedges. It vanishes in minutes after served.
Risa.Golding's picture
My favorite dish to bring to potlucks is Buttermilk Macaroni & Cheese Salad a dish I got from a Tom Douglas book. Either that or my Garlic Bubble Loaf as everyone loves bread and there usually isn't any bread to sop up the juices from the sausage and peppers or other pasta dishes that people bring.
Maria P.'s picture
We have several favorites and they are North Carolina pulled pork and bbq ribs, pancit and lumpia.
jayedee's picture
my favorite dish to bring to a pot luck is a big old pan of cinnamon rolls!
Thomas's picture
My favorite dishes to bring are slow cooked Bake Beans & Ambrosia Salad.
Anonymously...Arleena DeBlogger's picture
Hello Thomas I would love to have a recipe for both but especially your ambrosia salad...I've made it in the past, but kind of forget what all the ingredients are, and I would love to know what kind of fruits you use and of course the other main ingredients..?? .. cream cheese or sour cream..or or...see just not sure of the whole thing...thank you for your time...I look forward to hearing back from you...AdB
GVinod's picture
My favorite dishes for Potluck are Goan sausages and Coconut rice & Vanilla Panacota with Strawberry Sauce .
Arun Manjula's picture
my favorite dishes for the pot luck are the pork sausages, deepfried mashed potato balls, rice and peas with chicken curry and chocolate cheese cake.
Shenaaz's picture
Spicy bake beans for chilly nights..... hmmmm
Anonymous's picture
my favorite pot luck is mac&cheese with scallions and baked low sodium ham. crock pot easy and can feed 10-20 with little effort.
Tammy Jeanneret's picture
My favorite potluck salad is Three Bean Salad. It goes good with alot of main dishes. It is great if you are a Vegetarian, and it gives you your greens for a meal. Most people like it too.
swati's picture
I love samosas.. i am an Indian and these are always favorite in my family in potlucks..filled with seasoned potatoes and peas..and then deep fried with a crisp puff pastry cover..served with tamarind chutney, they are really irresistible!
Anonymous's picture
My favorite potluck dish is American Chop Suey and tossed salad with dried cranberries and walnuts.
Anonymously...Arleena DeBlogger's picture favorite potluck dish to bring to a dinner, is the ever popular 'Sheppard's Pie' baked for a crowd of hungry foodies. And for dessert a large pan of 'Butter tart Squares'...great for those with a sweet tooth and who like a 'sweet treat' after their meal!!
Snigdha's picture
My favorite potluck dishes are North-Indian Chaat dishes such as Ragada-Samosa, Pav-Bhaji, Wada-Pav and the like. I absolutley love the flavors infused in these chaat dishes. They are easy to make, colorful to display, great finger food and liked by everyone!
Anonymously...Arleena DeBlogger's picture
I would love to have the recipe for an Indian dish that is made with whole-wheat flour & water, which makes the 'pastry'. Then cauliflower is grated (raw or cooked) and other ingredients are added to the grated cauliflower, and this mixture is spread on one of the dough balls that have been rolled out flat, another disk placed on top of this & then it's fried in a hot frying pan for a short time until brown & crisp. Can you tell me the name of this or share the recipe. I would love to have it...thank you Snigdha. The appies you mention sound delicious too..
Linda Morley's picture
I make either Baked beans or macaroni salad with Tuna and mushrooms in it!!!
Shannon's picture
My favorite savory dish to take to a potluck is Pulled BBQ pork and rolls. My favorite dessert is a trifle with vanilla custard, pound cake, berries ad whipped cream! Both are best made the day before and everyone LOVES them!
Anonymous's picture
My favorite potluck dish is Nachos and dip, along with sweet and sour meat balls, from scratch not purchased. Spagetti salad and stuff mushrooms. Gee now I am hungy haha.. Love reading everyones dishes some forgotten and now fresh in the mind again. thanks for sharing everyone.
LucyStraw's picture
My favourite potluck dish, after bringing the lemon for the lemonade, is Peas n'Peanuts. A great last minute dish, especially if you have been at work all day. Ingredients: frozen peas, 1/2 cup of peanuts (you can even buy one of those snack packs), enough sour cream to make a nice mix, salt and pepper. Now that that is decided, you can get on with something else, such as what to wear.
Anthony Correia's picture
quinoa salad with feta or a green salad are my goto's
Win A Free Cookbook From & Cherie Kimmons!