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Tainted Pastries Cause Outbreak In Rhode Island

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Tainted Pastries Cause Outbreak in Rhode Island, suggests some newspaper reports. The investigation to unravel the mystery of food borne illness is underway because it is believed that a batch of people got ill after eating cream–filled baked goods.



The Rhode Island Department of Health confirmed the news that tainted pastries caused outbreak. The officials from Rhode Island Department of Health confirmed that health tests were conducted on all suspected eaters and it was found that about 9 of the 19 eaters tested affirmative for salmonella nd another 13 of them were detained in hospital. The health department officials believe that all suspected sufferers have eaten zeppole from De Fusco’s bakeries.


Before telling you more about outbreak in Rhode Island  let us check what is zeppole and why is it eaten. Well, for all those newbies Zeppole is an American-Italian sugared pastry topped with powdered sugar and custard, jelly,etc. Normally this pastry is enjoyed by American – Italians on St. Josephs Day which fall on March 19th.


Responding to outbreak in Rhode Island the health department recalled back all the baked goods sold by the DeFusco’s during the festival time. The further investigations revealed that the tainted pastries which cause outbreak were prepared from pastry cream and éclairs which were stored in unhygienic conditions at the production facility in Johnston RI. As, as part of a calculated move the DeFusco owner has agreed to shut down the business until further notice is put up.


The health officials confirmed that the Zeppole from DeFusco’s production facility is distributed to other production facilities and departmenta l store. Some of the other bakeries like Crugnale Bakery in Providence, East Providence, and Cranston and Cumber land also sold the De Fresco’s zeppoles from March 16-20. The health officials further confirmed that tainted pastries which caused outbreak were also sold at Calvitto’s in Narragansett and Sal’s Bakery in Providence.


The health officials issued notice saying that consumers who have purchased pastries from any of these locations should discard uneaten product. Also, the consumers who have eaten the tainted pastries should immediately register for treatment with their healthcare provider.


The tainted pastries that caused outbreak in Rhode Island were laced with salmonella bacteria. The effect of this bacteria starts showing up from one – three days after eating the food. Normally the symptoms last from vomiting , cramps, diarrhea, etc. The small children are vulnerable to higher risk of the nature. higher risk of the nature.  The young, children and the old stand the risk of developing serious risks of the salmonella. So, if you have already started showing symptoms for the salmonella then its high time that you should rush to get yourselves treated.


Here is an interesting zeppole trivia: This pastry  is commonly served as the street food across Rome, Naples and Sicily.


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Tainted Pastries Cause Outbreak In Rhode Island