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Defusco'S Bakery To Recall All Baked Goods

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DeFusco's Product Recall


DeFusco's bakery recalls baked goods after the Rhode Island Department of Health announced a suspected Salmonella outbreak in people who consumed zeppoles made by the bakery in Johnston. The Health Department has identified 5 Crugnale Bakery shops located in Rhode Island that received their zeppoles from American Bakery Supplies, which in turn got them from the DeFusco's bakery. The Rhode Island Department of Health confirmed that 9 out of the 25 people who came in have tested positive for Salmonella and 10 are under medical care. The elderly seems to be ones mostly requiring hospitalization.

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting in vulnerable populations. The bacteria spread easily through infected food. The infected people have given in their reports of having consumed zeppole from DeFusco's bakeries. The public health investigators are examining and studying Salmonella outbreak linked to zeppoles made by DeFusco's bakery.


DeFusco's Bakery - Salmonella Outbreak


DeFusco's bakery is recalling baked goods after people began to report sick on consuming zeppoles supplied by DeFusco's bakery from various outlets in the city. Zeppole is an Italian pastry similar to dough-nuts that are made in DeFusco's bakery in Johnston. On the suspicion of a salmonella outbreak, health department has advised to discard zeppoles, éclairs, cream puffs, and all bakery products purchased from identified outlets. People who have eaten bakery products from DeFusco's bakery and are feeling sick with common symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are advised to consult with a physician immediately or head to the nearest Emergency care center.


The investigations into Salmonella outbreak reveal that the zeppole shells were being stored in used egg crates exposing zeppoles to infection from raw egg residues. Thus, it is very probable that the source of this Salmonella outbreak is raw eggs. Health officials have also confirmed that contact of zeppole shells with raw eggs are indeed the cause. Éclair and cream puff cases are also stored in used egg crates in DeFusco's bakery and hence these could be infected with Salmonella. Officials are investigating how the raw eggs got contaminated and the places where these eggs could have been distributed.


Other reports related to the outbreak are pouring in from around the state. DeFusco's bakery closed down their store after health inspectors discovered that pastry cream was stored at unsanitary conditions and unsafe temperatures. DeFusco's Bakery has been in the confectioner's business since last 20 years and till date, there have been no major sanctions against them.



Identified Locations of Zeppole Sales


Zeppoles from DeFusco's have been sold at a number of locations such as Colvitto's Bistro in Narrangansett, Sal's in Providence and Focaccia World in Johnston. It has also come to the notice of the Department of Health officials that American Bakery Supplies had purchased zeppoles from Defusco's. American Bakery Supplies is a distributor of West Warwick. Hence, now health officials are working to identify the stores the infected zeppoles have been distributed to. There have been confirmed reports of the zeppoles finding their way to Riverside and Crescent Park Manor via American Bakery Supplies. The other customers are being traced.


DeFusco's bakery products have to be considered dangerous and potent food poison for the time being and discarded.


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Defusco'S Bakery To Recall All Baked Goods