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Americans Give Importance To Taste And Cost Over Health Value When Purchasing Food

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Americans give importance to taste and cost of food, so found out a recent consumer study which conducted a survey across the country. The main criterion for functional food purchase involves neither the individual health nor the nutritional aspect of the food product in question. On the contrary, the consumers seem to lay greater emphasis on the taste along with the price of the product.



The result of the study conducted was published in the ‘Journal Of Functional Foods’. It revealed that the idea of buying food based on information obtained from the health claims on the label of the product was not one of the primary food purchase influencing factors. The consumers preferred to go by taste when it came to making a choice of food instead.



The leader of the study, Fiona Lalor associated with the ‘University College Dublin’ in Ireland also discovered that the health claims made by any particular product did not influence the consumer to buy the product unless it proved to be trustworthy. Only about half of the consumers involved in the study revealed that they believed in the healthy claims made by the bigger companies. One thirds of the participants, however, felt that their family and friends were the best sources to provide them with accurate information. This finding by Lalor and her colleagues therefore led to the conclusion that Americans give importance to taste and cost of food and are not overtly bothered about the nutritional value.


Comfort Level

The comfort level is yet another factor that came into play while trying to find out about the various foods purchase influencing factors. The researchers discovered that most Americans were reluctant to try out a new product however healthy they might be. The comfort of sticking to a time tested product, one that they were accustomed to, won every time.



The growing awareness of the consumers was something to cheer about though, felt Lalor and her co-researchers. The food industry had taken note of this aspect with the resultant flooding of the market with a range of healthy products which were aimed at reducing the risk of diseases as well as to maintain and improve the general well being.


The authors of the study hinted at the growing awareness of the average consumer despite the figures indicating that most Americans give importance to taste and cost of food instead of nutritional values. The health foods currently on the market are to be taken as part of the daily diet and can decrease health risks to some extent.


The study was conducted on five different groups and consisted of 35 females. The conclusion that Americans give importance to taste and cost of food along with the packaging was arrived at after questioning the participants about their reasons for buying food products.

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